The 2020 Web Design Trends to Count On

by Alexandra

The global pandemic shouldn't stop web designers from smart strategy and decision making. In 2020, it's interesting to take a look at the website development changes over the last decade. The technology aims to grow and evolve fast in the days to come. Also, customer requirements are continually changing, which makes the website designers regularly update their know-how.

A decade back, no one thought that mobile sites would be functional. Also, the websites which did exist were far from user-friendly. And today, customers require sites that fast, easy to use, and well-designed. That marks the need for advanced and smart web designing. To know more about this, you can check out quality Brooklyn web design service providers.

Also, do you want to give a facelift to your existing website? If yes, the following web designing trends for 2020 might help you with the desired know-how and inspiration.

The Web Design Trends to Count On
The Web Design Trends to Count On

1.The advent of dark mode

Most people are used to the "Dark Mode" theme in their Smartphone devices. And today, customers are selecting this feature over others. It is easy on the eyes and has a clean and simple appeal. When you pair a dark backdrop on the side using a vibrant CTA button, you will find the design standing out and providing the online user a seamless experience.

2. The visible grids

Going by the name, the design grids are a set of vertical and horizontal lines, which interconnect together various times. It acts as a format for designers that work in a seamless way instead of in a chaotic way. The common trend is the emergence of grids after the design's got completed. It could be both dominant or soft gridlines, but the idea is to make them visibly clean. When you have a well-structured website design, it has a professional look.

3. The hand-drawn graphics and elements

The hand-drawn aspect is making an old-fashioned template comeback with a new-age twist! It could be hand-lettered iconography, hand-drawn animations or static cartoons, and similar website designs are becoming prominent. It creates a warm and positive image on the mind.

The manually drawn designs usually remind one of the humans who did the work! And that is something that's got missing from today's tech-driven world, where innovative designs are becoming prominent. Also, regardless of the technological advancements that we will witness, human touch in home design is essential. This trend is a reminder of the same.

4. The CTAs atop the fold

Today, it is essential to convert your website visitors to customers fast. And to accomplish this, the websites have the option of placing the CTA buttons atop the website fold. It offers a clear view. Today, online users have very fewer attention spans. It is essential to make your customers and online users glance at the salient aspects of your website easily and without any disturbance. Hence, placing the CTA above the fold is a smart call. You can also make use of attractive iconography along with the correct banner or header photo. It is known to maximize conversions.

5. Visible and prominent typography

When it comes to bright, clean, and appealing web designing, the bigger, the better! It is especially true if you are to follow the latest website design trends. The expert website designers make use of big fonts annually, grabbing people's attention using a few words splashily. Usually, the large fonts get considered to be the apt tool for print poster design, and it is known to draw maximum attention. Huge typography can get used for any website.

6. The geometric designs

No one knew that geometry would be suitable for website design templates until it became a trend for itself! The geometric shapes look versatile and can get used in unique ways to attract people's attention where the marketer wants. Regardless of the triangles, stripes, squares, and other creative shapes and geometric designs, you always have the scope to create a minimalistic feel for the website.

7. The white space frames

Minimalism is a theme for 2020! And if you decide to develop a website based on minimalistic design, you can gain maximum audience attention. The white spaces bring in the sense of balance. Also, it emphasizes the texts as it doesn't appear cluttered and cramped. People can pay attention to their exact words as well as visuals added to the site, to enhance the mood and theme of the website.

8. Neon or glowing graphics

For a while, web designers and business owners thought neon and glowing graphics, will not make a website look "formal." However, today people are opting in for this web design trend. It looks bold, appealing without being over the top and highly futuristic. The dark background and neon theme are a good combination. If you want, you can also resort to 3D graphics and other similar elements to make your website appear attractive.

9. The 1970s color palate

Web designers and business owners might find it difficult to believe, but the 70s are back! Other than the neon colors, texts, and design elements, the entire retro look is coming back as well. New-age design can take the necessary inspiration from retroelements. That way, the best aspects of the past can get used once again to give your website a timeless and classic look.

10. Minimalistic navigation

It's 2020! That means, less is always more. In most of the trends that got discussed above, there's an element of minimalism. The navigation buttons get considered as one of the underrated features of website design. Also, websites can create minimalistic impacts using navigation. When you add all the navigation buttons in one drop-down menu, the site can move away from the redundant buttons and collate the relevant ones. That way, minimalism is useful.

2020 and the years to come will welcome out of the box website design trends and templates! One can borrow from the past, but it is necessary to select the elements carefully. You can make a website appear futuristic or minimalistic as you want. Make sure that it grabs the audience's attention not just through its impeccable design, but also the content and other formatting elements. Your users should navigate through it and complete their desired transaction or action.

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