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360 Workplace, a block management software helps in better management of the various activities involved with real estate management. Everybody knows that real estate management involves a lot of different activities and managing them manually is next to impossible. Due to this reason, it is best to opt for management software, and here are some of them.

360 Workplace for Commercial Real Estate

360 Workplace for Commercial Real Estate
360 Workplace for Commercial Real Estate

360 Workplace acts as a suite of systems that offers facility maintenance management, helps with lease administration, works as a construction project software, etc. This software works best, especially for those who are looking forward to real estate management more than a single solution. With the help of this block management software, you can easily monitor assets as well as inventories, survey construction goals, as well as schedules, and help with tax compliance.

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One of the biggest advantages of this software is there is no limit on the users, and it is completely cloud-based. This means that the users can easily use the 360 Workplace anywhere with proper interactive connection.

Blocks Online

This is yet the most popular property management software, which is just the right choice for property managers as it helps in keeping a track of numerous properties. Irrespective of the size as well as the size of the property, the software helps in the proper management of the payments as well as the finances.
Appfolio Property Manager

This is yet most popular cloud-based real estate management software which is just the right option when it comes to real estate agents. If you want to easily monitor properties wherever you go. This is one of the efficient block management software that helps in quick management of the real estate properties. Apart from being an owner portal which helps in managing reports as well as other essential reports.

Also, the software helps in making professional websites, especially for your properties. Real estate agents who have used this software have praised it since it is easy to use and provides better customer support as well. Using this software, you will be able to manage various activities related to real estate management.

Planon Real Estate Management

This software is solely used by most of the medium or large scale businesses if they are looking forward to data organization that too in a useful manner. This software is extremely beneficial since it will help you with data structuring such as including the tenant details and lifecycle costs. Apart from that, you will also get help with transaction management, evaluation of the scenarios so that efficient financial planning becomes possible.

You can also know about the potential costs and find out the possible opportunities for saving. If you do not want to use spreadsheets, then using Planon can be useful with centralized dashboards that help with better management.
Therefore, these are some of the block management software that helps in property management as well as managing real estate.

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