5 Best Baby Shower Decorations

by Alexandra

1. Tulle

From swags to party favors, tulle can be used in many ways to decorate for a baby shower. Tulle comes in a large variety of colors and sizes. It is also available in many different styles including matte, glitter, shiny and metallic. You can purchase small circles to tie around mints for party favors, or you can purchase a bolt of wide tulle to make swags hanging from a ceiling.

It is perfect for laying on top of others fabrics to give a soft look and feel. You can use tulle to put around a table like a table skirt. One of the latest trends is to wrap helium balloons in tulle. It is lightweight enough that it does not pull the balloon down. It is a great way to bring in some more color.

2. Balloons

Balloons are being used in bigger and better ways than ever at baby showers. Balloon clusters are super popular right now. These clusters are made by combining multiple sizes of balloons in varying shades of several different colors. They can still be shaped into arcs for photo opportunities, but there are some other fun ways too. White, clear and light blue balloon clusters may be used to represent bubbles for a rubber ducky theme.

Large, spherical balloon clusters can have a teddy bear or other stuffed animal hanging from them to look as if they are being carried away. One of the most interesting ways the clusters are being used is on large gold jewelry hoops to make a wreath. Clusters are small balloons and ribbons are placed in several places along with the frame and often the baby's name is in the center.

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3. Paper Straws

If you have a hot glue gun and some paper straws, then you can make all kinds of decorations for your baby shower. Of course these are great to put out as actual drinking straws because they look fantastic and they are biodegradable, but you can do so much more with them. Glue on some pictures to make photo props. Hang some tulle with a balloon cluster and you have a great backdrop for photos. The straws can also be added to a cupcake with a thank you sign glued on top of it. Small balloon topiaries can also be made with a paper straw.

4. Ribbon

It seems so simple, but ribbon can truly make an impact on your baby shower decor. You will definitely want to add it to your favors for a little extra special touch. You may want to use an organza ribbon to tie to your balloons instead of curling ribbon because it is so soft and flowing.

Organza ribbon that is trimmed in satin looks fantastic and is sturdier for things like bows. Adding these bows along your tulle swag gives more of a baby shower feel because babies and bows just go so well together. You can also make a pretty garland using the same length of many different types of ribbons, tied onto the twine. You could add flowers or the name of the baby as well.

5. Paper Lanterns

Not only are paper lanterns easy to assemble and affordable, but they are also totally on-trend in decorating right now. You can purchase them in many different shapes and sizes. When used near balloons, they give a nice contrast in texture. They are often used at each end of garland to give it some extra pizzazz. They can even be hung randomly from the ceiling just to bring in some more color.


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