7 Tips to Choose Online Tutor for Your Child

by Alexandra

Today we are outlining the tips to choose online tutor for your child to make you take the best decision in this regard.

Every student is different in grasping knowledge. Some learn at a faster rate than others. Life becomes challenging for students that lack behind the class due to high expectations. These students need some lifeline or support system that can help them in learning faster.

 Hiring a tutor for such children is a good option. The tutor brings in a wealth of educational resources for children who need extra support for studies. Picking the right tutor for your child isn’t an easy task. Consider the below tips for choosing the right tutor:

7 Tips to Choose Online Tutor for Your Child
7 Tips to Choose Online Tutor for Your Child


Discussion is the most important thing when you decide to choose online tutor for your child. Before you go ahead and hire a tutor for your child, make sure that you discuss the same with him or her. Have a positive conversation about how tough it is for him or her to cope up with the class curriculum. If your child is aware of the problem, then he would be happy to sign up for tutoring. Else you will have to encourage him or her to try this option and see if tutoring is improving the performance.

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Set Expectations

The tutoring requirements of every child is different. Based on the convenience and cost involved you might want to go either with a private or an online tutor. One-on-one tutoring works best for children, but you can also choose a group setting. Also, try choosing tutoring classes that have a higher frequency of sessions as those yield better results. The in-home sessions might be more expensive than online tutoring sessions. Thus, based on your child’s comfort choose the right tutoring schedule.  

Verify Credentials

Once you have shortlisted some online grade tutors, then cross check their profile. Check for their previous tutoring experiences to understand the teaching style. It is always better to choose a tutor who has completed a tutor training program. These tutors understand a child’s needs better and work with him or her as a friend. They are also well versed in educational theory, remedial approaches, and instructional strategies.

Also, check if they have taught students of the same age. Another important factor to check would be their behavior with children. The tutor should be encouraging and congenial with children. This point should specifically be verified with small grade kids like 2nd to 3rd grade. Children of this age are very fragile and a 3rd grade online tutor must understand this fact. 


Once it is decided to get a tutor for your child, you can start your research in finding the one. Discuss with your child’s teachers, principal, or counselor about the best available tutors. You can also check with your child’s friends and other parents if any of them has had a tutor for studying. Check all the available options before finalizing on one.

Learning Schedule

The tutor should be available based on your child’s learning schedule. For this you need to discuss on some of the below points:

  1. The number of tutoring hours per week for your child.
  2. The time of day when your child is free to engage in tutoring sessions. 
  3. How long will one tutoring session last?

Pick tutors who are able to meet the above requirements for your child. It shouldn’t happen that even after investing in a tutor, your child isn’t able to progress in studies.

Tutoring Plan

Work with a tutor who is open to make a tutoring plan for your child. You should all meet in the beginning and set tutoring goals and track them. The goal-setting process is important as it defines the amount of extra learning effort a child needs to make to succeed. Ask the tutor to share progress reports periodically. The tutor should also be able to give feedback on your child’s progress in the class. This is important so that the tutor can directly work together with the teacher to give the best support to the child. 

Support Your Child

Parents play an equally important role in the learning process as a tutor. Thus, it is important that you keep supporting your child’s academic journey. You can start by helping your child with the tutoring assignments that he or she gets. Keep yourself involved so that your child is able to maintain the learning momentum. 

 We hope that the above tips to choose online tutor for your child. At the end of the day, tutoring classes are for your child’s benefit, so he or she has to be comfortable in attending those.

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