Common Fridge Problems in Every Home

by Alexandra

Common Fridge Problems in Every Home

Common Fridge Problems in Every Home
Common Fridge Problems in Every Home

Which are the best three electronic appliances as per your spouse? Do you know the answer? Let us give a hint. Out of the three, one will be the refrigerator. The reason, she need not cook again and again in a day. But prepare and keep the food in the fridge, so that the same can be heated and relished for dinner or lunch. So, do you know the importance of a fridge? In this article, let us gain information on common fridge problems.

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Unlike the other home electronic appliances, the fridge works 24/7 every day. So, it needs regular maintenance. You will come across some technical problems such as non-working of the fridge, non-cooling of items and more. So, let us get down to work and discuss on troubleshooting common fridge problems.

1. Motor

One common reason for the fridge problems may be the motor. The unit will neither start for whatever reason. The only way, you can make the appliance come back to normal is by replacing the motor. And yes, it is time to hire a fridge repair expert.

B. Compressor

No one, but the fridge repair technician knows the importance of compressor. The main reason for a non-working fridge may be the malfunctioning of the compressor. The responsibility is to circulate the refrigerant with the help of evaporator/condenser coils. It is necessary to clean the compressor to keep it in good working condition.

2. Common Fridge Problem - Dirty Condenser coils

What is the role of the condenser coils? They can convert hot gas to liquid. So, guess the hard work. They have to remove hot air. In the case of non-maintenance, the coils will get dirty (covered with unwanted things). So the refrigerator does not work as the heat does not get removed. You need to clean the condenser coils as per the instructions given in the instructions' manual.

3. Common Fridge Problem - Low Level of Coolant

One of the most important components of a working fridge is the coolant. If you have a low level of coolant, then the fridge may not work in proper condition. The liquid gets into circulation via the evaporator coils. The air hovering over the coils goes to the cooling mode and then to the food section. What is the worst that will happen in case of a low level of

coolants? You need to fill the liquid to the required level to ensure the fridge gets to proper working condition.

4. Capacitor

Another important component of the refrigerator. The process is as follows. You switch on the fridge. So the signal for activation first goes to the thermostat and then to the start capacitor. The triggering happens to the compressor and you can see that the fridge cycle has just begun. Now, if the capacitor has malfunctioned, the fridge will not work. The food in the fridge will also get easily spoilt. Unless you are a DIY expert, consider hiring a professional to take care of the problem.

Common Fridge Problems

Common Fridge Problems
Common Fridge Problems

Recent Models

Till the present day, you need to wait for signs to know that the fridge is on the path of repair. For example, if you find items on the fridge getting spoilt, there is a technical problem. But manufacturers have now come up with many features to prevent such repairs and problems.

In some Samsung models, you have the Self Check feature to check if any part is on the path of repair. In case of an issue, the information will get displayed. Then you can take appropriate action. You can find this option in the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator model.

In recent times, you look beyond the features of any refrigerator. There is so much competition among the brands, and you can buy the best model for your family. The only factor, you need to read websites such as techhive to keep yourself informed.

Internet of Things & Smart Home

Internet Of Things & Smart Home
Internet Of Things & Smart Home

When giving information about a home appliance, it would be wrong if there is no mention on the Internet of Things. This new technology has taken the home improvement and home appliance industry by storm. Combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT has brought a new concept in home improvement - Home automation. And IoT is definitely going to bring more developments in the future.

Let us see the major differences between the normal fridges and smart refrigerators, will we?

  • In the normal refrigerator, you need to open the door to gain information on the items present inside. In a smart fridge, you just have to open the app of the specific brand and log in. You can see the items present in the refrigerator.

  • In the normal model, if there is an issue, you need to contact the brand service center or opt for a fridge repair expert (in case of no warranty). In some recent models (Smart LG Model - GC-B247SLUV 687), you have the SMART Diagnosis feature. The refrigerator can raise an alert in case of an issue in the internal parts.

Do you want information on some Smart Refrigerator Models? Here they are -

  • Samsung 415L (RT42M553ES8/TL)

  • LG 420L (GL-I472QPZX)

There are other models which you check and buy as per your need.


Is it possible to set the right common fridge problems? Yes, it is. But for the complex problems such as the replacement of components, you need to hire the right fridge repair expert. But consider the situation. Can you, with ease, hire an expert even if the appliance has gone without a warranty? The answer is yes. There are many home doorstep repair service companies in every urban Indian city. For instance, you have a fridge in your Hyderabad home. The performance has gone down. You need to hire a fridge expert as soon as possible. The reason, the daily schedules of the family members are going haywire.

So, you downloaded the app of the company offering home repair services in Hyderabad. Then you searched the profiles and placed a booking for the technician skilled in fridge repair in Hyderabad. He came at the scheduled time and fixed the issues. The fridge is back to its normal working condition.

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