Groin Strain – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

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Groin strain is one which injury that affects mostly for the sportsperson. According to research, nearly 2 to 5 per cent will be faced by sportsman only. For this, they need to take the early diagnosis, which provides proper treatment is essential to limit these injuries. Otherwise, it becomes chronic and possibly career-limiting. The adductor strains, as well as osteitis pubis, remain the most basic musculoskeletal problems of groin injury in athletes. 

It is very difficult to recognize that both to recover. Additional etiologies of these groin pain involve sports hernia, iliopsoas bursitis, groin disruption, avulsion fractures, stress fractures, nerve compression, also snapping hip symptoms. There are many Sports Medicine in India you can also prefer that to reduce the basic pains.

It is also very difficult to diagnose the Groin pull in athletic because the shape of the area where he will be getting injured is complex because more than two injuries often coincide. Genitourinary abnormalities, Intra-abdominal pathology, indicated lumbosacral pain, including hip joint diseases, for example, synovitis, arthritis, avascular necrosis, etc. must first to do excluded.

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Diagnosis Of Groin Strain

Diagnosis Of Groin Strain
Diagnosis Of Groin Strain

When you visit the doctor, you need to discuss everything of your injury clearly to understand the doctor to go to the next step.

He will be asked you are these the first time or you have any issues previously at the area you are currently facing the problem. Because if you have connected that injury with the previous one, they need to treat carefully without any distraction and pain. 

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After that, they will do some physical tests to diagnose groin strain properly. Here they make you stretch your injured adductor muscles for resolve the pain which occurs when you are stretching, and also do testing that range of movement of the leg. At that time, if you feel any pain over there, they can identify exactly where the injury is discovered.

Additionally, they identify the area of the pressure to decide that serious injury to detect. You should know that there are three degrees regarding groin strains lets see what they are:

Grade 1

In this stage, the pain will be normal when you stretch your muscles, and the damage will be nearly 5 per cent. It that movement you can walk without pain in your muscles, but while jumping, running, kicking, and stretching, you may get pain.

Grade 2

In this stage, it is very difficult to walk. Even you cannot bring your thighs together while sitting or while doing any other work.

Grade 3

In this stage,  your muscle and ligament will be in severe pain, which keeps you in a painful scene. It usually happens suddenly at the time you move quickly. And the area which is injured will be swelling and bruising. The injured person will feel like a gap near the damaged area when he touches over there.

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Treatment Of Groin Strain?

Sports injury treatment is better to take immediately after the injury, which is used to reduce the pain of injured are, and the swelling is stopped. After completing the treatment, you need to follow some of the rules that the doctor advised you like:

  • ice
  • rest
  • compression
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Elevation

Depending on pain of strain, you need to take additional treatments which speed up the healing. That may include:

  • physical therapy
  • heat and stretching
  • massage therapy
  • electrotherapy

If you are in the third stage, you should have surgery to improve the torn tissues, especially where the tendon is involved.

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