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How the Quran is A Cure of All Illnesses

Among all the sacred miracles of Allah, the big one is the Holy Quran. The Holy book was blessed to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is not just limited to guidance for humanity, but also approved a cure for each and everything. 

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Indeed the Holy Quran is a cure for souls, a cure for bad hearts, a cure for all diseases, and illnesses. It is the book that makes every problem disappears while you read, listen, and learn. It also heals your pain and wound. Holy Quran diminishes the entire dilemma from one’s life and makes life better. 

How Holy Quran Actually Heal Up the Pain of Life?

When we talk about healing, it is of two types:

  • Healing of soul
  • Healing of physical ailments

The beauty of the Holy Quran is that it can do both. In his Book Allah said:

Translated words- Indeed we reveal the Quran and it is mercy and healing for those who are believers. Although, the disbeliever could not take any advantage from it. 

This translation illustrates the healing of the soul. This immortal world is bound to distract the man from the pious way of Allah. In order to this, Allah saves our souls and protects us from bad things. 

Allah brought down His sacred book-Quran. It has an amazing and wonderful power of healing. Besides this, Allah gives a big opportunity to the sinner to beg for Allah’s mercy, to heal up and save them from ruin. 

Allah says in the Holy Quran that if you are a true believer of this book if you read it with belief, you will definitely find the cure of your all physical and mental illnesses. Cure for fever or for cancer. That’s why Allah said in the Quran, It is Allah who cures you in any illness. 

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) instructs those who are the follower of him, when they become ill, they should recite the Holy Quran, blow their hand and then rub it all over the body. 

You will get rid of all physical diseases soon. According to Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) recommendation, when the person is ill with any illness, they should read Surah Falak and Surah Ikhlaas. 

Hazrat Ayesha (RA) narrated that whenever a close family member of the Holy Prophet suffered from illness, he recites Surahs of Quran and then blow it over him. Prophet said there is no illness that Allah has not cured. It means every disease comes with its treatment. 

One of the natural things that Allah also mentioned in the Holy Quran for the cure of physical illnesses is “Honey” 

Things to Consider

Now the main things to consider is what we do as Muslims. Do we read the Holy Quran in the right way? Why we are unable to get benefits from the Holy Quran which is actually the book of guidance and benefits.

First of all, there are a number of Muslims population who just read the Quran but they don’t even know what the meaning of verses which we read. It is actually the thing that makes us unable to get the right advantages. 

Besides being a Muslim, do we open eyes and can see the sacred benefits of this Holy Book-Quran? 

In the Holy Quran Allah said:

It is only for those who believe healing and a guide. But there is the deafness of ear and blindness of eyes for those who disbelieve. That’s why they could never listen and never understand it.