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How The Entertainment Industry Is Dealing With The Lockdown?

Quarantine yourself, is what all leaders worldwide are requesting of citizens in their countries to curb the rising cases of the deadly novel corona virus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Ministers of all states are coming together in a federal structure, keeping aside their political differences and are fighting against the deadly virus hand-in-hand. There is a lockdown across the country, as a result of which, on-going shoots and rehearsals have been put on hold. Most of the South Indian stars have come forwarded and appealed to the people to stay home. In the last couple of years, South industry is becoming popular and as a result most of the best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi. Even most of the state governments came forwards and asked the people to follow the norms of lockdown.The Maharashtra and West Bengal governments had announced discontinuation of on-going shoots and stage plays till the lockdown continues.


Film, television, web series and theatre plays artists are now no more shooting and are enjoying quality alone time after a long, as seen in their Instagram stories. However, film and web series shoot can be put on hold for a while, but television and theatre shoots and rehearsals are usually done on a daily basis. No one could remember when was the last time anyone witnessed television or theatre being on halt for days being a daily runner on stage or the silver screen.


Talking on it, Nazar 2 actress, Shruti Sharma gives her views on how it affected the shoot. ”We actors did not face much difficulties on set. However, the situation on set was quite hectic because we had to create banks for upcoming episodes as much as we could in two three days. It was a challenge for us.” Said the actress.


Hygiene was the most important norm, which was carefully looked at during the shoot hours by the production house.Actresses, at last requested Mumbaikars to abide by the government, as it is for their safety.

With no new episodes on board, audiences would want to watch something new and as a content creator, YouTuber, PriyamGoshe from Kolkata, is all set to not let viewers feel lonely and keep on entertaining them throughout lockdown period. “Content can be created through any means, which is the plus point for content creatorslike us. We can create videos indoors too. With no new episode of TV serials going on-air, people are going to look upon us more. As a YouTuber, I am not going to disappoint them and lot of indoor videos will be coming up” added Priyam.

World Health Organization, WHO’s challenges creative writers to centre content around the Safe Hand Challenge. However, it is a difficult time for theatre artists, as many livesare dependent on the art form with the money they make through plays. The director of ‘One Night Only’Amey Mehta who recites in Mumbai, speaks about his concern. “Most directors make a living out of plays, advertisements and films, corporate work, workshops, school work.. So yes it is a difficult time for our community, but safety comes first and we are waiting for it to get over” Explained Amey Mehta.

ArviChakrobraty, Natyamukh play director from Kolkata spoke about problems he faced with cancelation of his seven shows. “We have a total seven show which have been cancelled. This has resulted in undermining our team on professionalism grounds. I cannot get people to work now. The play was scheduled in second week of April and now everything is cancelled” saidArvi Chakraborty. The entertainment industry is hoping to resume work as soon as the lockdown is called off. For the moment however, it is the youtubers who know this period is a big opportunity knocking at their door.