Why is TikTok so popular?

When a new application appears on the market and bounces to get popularity, it can be hard to tell why it is craved at all. There are more than thousands of apps or games on the internet, including google play store or apple store, in order to have fun and recreation on mobile devices. To be mentioned out, few applications or games run with the current needs or demands. TikTok is nowadays a trend running throughout the world.

It is estimated that 800 million users were running this application on their device in 2019. And it is desirable to say that the number of users could reach more than a billion in 2020. Most of the users of TikTok are between 13 to 24 only. It means that TikTok is most popular among teenage users. The statistics say that almost 50% of TikTok’s global user is under the age of 34. 26%.

Why TikTok is so popular?

TikTok is now a trending application all over the world. Its usage diffused through the world over expectations. TikTok is popular because of having the following reasons:

Easy to use

TikTok is an application run on mobile devices. And its version and requirements are too low to be installed on the phone. Having short requirements, the application is installed almost all of the addicted user’s mobile devices. It is a software where trending music, songs, or video clip are previously installed. Users just need to synch their lips, act, or dance with the running music, clips, or videos.

They do it in front of their mobile phone or tablets, turning on the selected clip that he/she wants to remake. The application is too handy to use lonely in the bedroom, kitchen, washroom, or any other area. The app is also utilized among the group helping each other to remake the video clip.

Addiction to get popularity

People nowadays, especially the young generation want to express themselves in front of the world. They crave for getting popular and do whatever they like to be famous around the world. Therefore they try to act thoughtfully and synch their lips or any limbs of body in order to remake the right outfit. The application helps to spread out the recorded clip to all of the users following him/her. Also, you can buy TikTok views.


The TikTok application is useful enough for time passing. The people who don’t want to be famous or popular as well as not craving to act like others also tend to this app for time passing. They just install this application on their mobile phone to have fun only. They just scroll down and watch out other’s videos, music, clips, or acting.

Free to use

Another reason for this application to be popular is to be cost-free. There are many funny apps or even games on the play store that need to be purchased by cash or credit card. This app includes no charge or payment issues to run on the device. So all kinds of people who earn or not can smoothly run this application on their phone in order to have free fun.

Short form of entertainment

This app makes an apartment of having entertainment and fun in quick and available aspects. There are various types of clips can be found on this app. People find funny videos, music, romantic videos, crush videos, exciting movie clips, sports videos, adult clips, and sexual content as well. Having various types of videos on their demands, this application got much attention from all.

Having all these considerable aspects, the app is getting more popularity day by day around the world.