6 Options for Free Instagram DP Downloader

by Alexandra

If you have ever thought of checking somebody's Instagram profile picture or DP in full size yet didn't have the idea how? Or many times, it happens that when you are looking through the Instagram feed, specific images, and videos that pop up that you think of saving. For pictures, one can only take screenshots as it is simple, quick, and adequate but not at all reliable.

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If you use android and you wish to see someone's profile picture in full size, then there are various applications or sites for Instagram DP downloader . Such sites only require simple copy-paste the URL of any particular Instagram account whose profile picture you want to download.

Instagramdownloadr.com is a free service that permits the user to see anybody's Instagram profile picture in high quality. One can easily notice that Instagram account is small in size, and we, even many times, can't even see them clearly. Thus there are many applications such as Instagram downloadr that allows the users to zoom profile picture in its original size. For faster searching and viewing HD Profile picture or DP, you search the sites listed below in any browser.

There are other benefits of using our application like:

There are other benefits of using our application like:
There are other benefits of using our application like:

It is a web app tool that allows the user to download all of the following:

  • Instagram videos
  • Photos
  • IGTV content
  • Private Instagram videos and others.
  • Display pictures

steps to download Instagram profile photos for the websites:

You can download the Instagram profile photo of any user from anywhere by using our site listed with the following method:

  • Visit to instadownloadr.com
  • Enter the username of the target profile picture (now the user can see the picture in its original size and quality).
  • Press on the download button and save it to the device

Top Free Instagram DP Downloader/videos Downloaders

  1. Instagramdownloadr.com: Instagramdownloadr.com is a web-based Instagram video downloader with a relatively self-explanatory name. The tool works smoothly on all major browsers and social media sites.
  2. Instagram DP Downloader: Instagram DP Downloader gives access to any account and all the posted content. The downloader only needs the username of that account. It has made easy for user for downloading Instagram content. You can download as many DPs or profile pics, photos, albums, and videos, etc.
  3. InstaOffline: InstaOffline is also a popular web-based Instagram video downloader that works just as well as the others. It can download videos and photos from the targeted profile on Instagram.
  4. KeepVid: KeepVid (by iTubeGo) is only video great tool as apart from instagram it downloaded YouTube content also.
  5. InstaDownloader.co: On the list, InstaDownloader.co is the next tool which is a lean and easy to use tool that permits the users to download Instagram videos and any other related content in a very short time. Moreover, the tool works as an IGTV downloader .
  1. DownloadGrams: It is a web-based online tool that allows the users to download Instagram videos in high-quality ratio. This tool itself features a basic design, with no ads or further instructions to distract users.

Thus the above are all the tools from where you can download Instagram DPs, photos, and videos more simply and easily. By using any of them you can perform your tasks. Remeber never download such content which are private and breaks cyber rules.

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