8 Ways to Get Rid Of Termites in Wooden Furniture

by Alexandra

In most homes, furniture can be considered part of décor, which brings out the beauty and magnificence of a house. Large sums of money are spent on furniture, thus considered as an asset. Therefore, all furniture in a house is of great importance and has to be taken good care of. One of the challenges faced in maintaining the state of furniture is the infestation of termites. They can cause a lot of menace and significant losses.

There are two types of termites that affect wooden furniture, namely dry wood termites and subterranean termites. Dry wood termites survive on wood and attack only wood while subterranean termites survive in soil and wood. They like moist conditions, which enable them to build colonies beneath the house, giving them a conducive environment to destroy wood.

How do you identify infestation?

a) Checking out if there are holes on any piece of furniture. This can be done by using an object or even the hands to push against it. In case there emerges a crack, or it falls off easily, then that means that termites are present.

b) Having a look at the house walls to see if there is any mud tube formation. In case it is there or starting to form, then that means there are termites, and it is advisable to take the necessary measures before they cause damages.

c) Checking whether there is termite droppings, wings, or even sawdust around the furniture. Sawdust means that the termites have already started destroying the furniture.

Ways to keep furniture termite-free

 Ways to keep furniture termite-free
Ways to keep furniture termite-free

Using boric acid

There are several ways to keep furniture termite-free. These include;
Keeping furniture clean, which can be done using boric acid. All you need is a solution of borax powder and water sprayed on the areas affected by the termites. The good thing with using boric acid is that it is non-toxic, therefore not affecting one's health.

Using oil treatments

There are special oils that can be used, such as orange oil and neem oil. When these oils are applied on the wooden furniture, the termites are destroyed when they contact the oils. For example, termites are destroyed instantly when they come into contact with orange oil due to a compound named d-limonene in the oil. On the other hand, neem oil only works out when the termites ingest it.

Termites mostly survive in moist and dark environments; thus, it is always important to continually keep the furniture in a position that exposes it to sunlight. If the furniture is too large, it can just be rotated several times in a day.

Once in a while, you can take the furniture outside the house for sunlight exposure for a particular time. The sunlight exposure ensures that the termites are terminated since they cannot survive under scorching conditions. This method also helps in getting rid of any moisture that the furniture holds.

Using parasitic nematodes

Nematodes are small worms that feed on fungi, bacteria, or even microscopic creatures. They dig into termite larvae, destroying and killing them within 48 hours. Mix the parasitic nematodes with water then spray it on the termite nest. Nematodes are bred at home, or you can obtain them from a person who has a garden. However, for professional pest prevention services you can click this link https://www.excelpestservices.com/pest-control/ for a free inspection and same day service delivery.

Setting up cardboard traps

The cardboard contains cellulose and a woody smell that attracts termites. For it to work, it is moistened with water so that the cardboard gets damp. This moisture also ensures that the smell is distinct. Place the trap on the furniture for some time.
The smell emanating from the cardboard attracts the termites, and as they attempt to feed on the cellulose, it traps them. After a while, you can burn the cardboard to get rid of the captured termites.

Using wood polish

Using wood polish also significantly helps get rid of the termites. After purchasing furniture, apply wood polish to all its parts. Wood polish makes furniture to last longer, and also prevents the termites from penetrating the wood. Wood polish keeps your furniture termite-free.

Eliminating moisture

Termites flourish in areas that are dark and where there is the presence of water. The only way to avoid this is by moving furniture away from moisturized places in a house to a dry place. Once the area is completely dry, you can return the furniture there.


Freezing is another option that you can be put into consideration. In this case, if the furniture is of small size, place it in a sealable container or bag and put it into the freezer. The furniture can stays in the freezer for approximately two weeks. After two weeks, it is taken out and let to stay in the bag for around 48 hours to prevent moisture from developing again on the wood.


Termites can wreak havoc and cause massive losses to a person. It is always essential to get rid of the termites before it's late. Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, it is crucial to identify the infestation as early as possible.

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