Best Bacteriological Incubator

The Best Bacteriological Incubator

Bacteria incubators are used for storing bacteria plate as well as bacteria culture growth around a temp of 37 degrees centigrade. An incubator of this nature is normally designed with only heating temperature, which is why they are equally known as heating incubators. As more people continue to get involved in lab research and the likes, there has been a higher demand for bacteriological incubator in recent times than what we had before.

Here are a few worthy information you are meant to know about bacteriological incubators if you are planning to use one anytime soon.

How a bacteriological incubator works?

If you are going to be an expert in operating bacteriological incubators, you need to have an idea of how it works. The bacteriological incubator ensures a steady humidity, temperature, as well as other required conditions like carbon IV oxide and the amount of oxygen within the content.

Bacteriological incubators are primarily useful for conducting experiments in cell biology, molecular biology, and microbiology. They have equally found other uses such as the culturing of both eukaryotic and bacterial cells. These incubators have been helpful to lab specialists in a number of ways.

Types of incubators

It would help if you know the different types of incubators that exist out there. All incubators are not the same. There are 3 basic types of incubators: bacteriological incubators, poultry incubators, and infant incubators. They all have their different areas of applications. Poultry incubators are specifically used for ensuring that the eggs of chickens that are fertilized remain warm till they are prepared for hatching. With this little information, it is obvious that all incubators cannot be used interchangeably.

If you are going for a bacteriological incubator, you must spell it out to them that that is what you want. So they don’t give you another incubator.

Why incubate at room temperature?

All bacteria do not grow at the same temperature. Different bacteria with their favorable growth temperature. Bacteria is incubated at this specific temperature to see how it reacts to certain alterations. In most experiments, the temperature of the incubator will be adjusted from the room temperature value to other values, while the behavior of the bacteria will be closely monitored.

Some organisms grow excellently well when they are subjected to the normal body temperature; and they are referred to as mesophiles. Bacteria happens to be one of those organisms, which is why they are usually incubated at room temp.


Bacteriological incubators have been quite useful in culturing bacteria. As someone aspiring to become a successful microbiologist, you may not be able to do without a bacteriological incubator. It has also been said in the course of the article that incubators are of different types. Please, let your contact know you are buying a bacteriological incubator so they don’t give you something else.