Indoor Air Pollution

3 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Indoor Air Pollution Anymore

If you ask your peers about the foundations of human existence on earth, the answers will mostly include – water, fire, land, one of which is the air we breathe. We survive because of the breathing mechanism that takes in oxygen from the air and sustains our lives. What we do not know is about the air quality and all the contaminants that make it unsuitable for breathing.

Think of passing through smoke from vehicles. Your instant reaction would be to cover your nose. But what will you do when there are air pollutants around that you cannot see?

Unfortunately, this is the sad story of most of our homes. While we have enough reasons to stay indoors, we do not know if the indoor air is safe. You might be relying on AC filters that do their part to clean the air flowing inside your home or just keeping ventilators in your home open for some time. But there are many reasons it is not enough.

  1. Extreme Build-up of Pollutants

While it is easy for air pollutants outside your home to enter inside, harmful chemicals, paints, and dust add up to increase the level of pollutants internally. Indoor air quality can be severely degraded than outdoor air pollution. The situation can be worse for people who live in homes next to industrial regions.

Being a closed, contained area, your home may become a site for potential pollutants build-up. With ACs installed in your place, you might have found dust and dirt accumulated in the AC filters at the time of servicing. But that is not all what indoor air pollution is about.

  1. Resulting Health Complications

Ever wondered what causes breathing issues faced by your family members? In many cases, we blame the increasing level of pollution in our cities because of several activities. Most people are oblivious that indoor air pollution can be as harmful as the pollution outside.

Given the current pandemic during which people are spending more time indoors, indoor air pollution can have a detrimental effect on your health. It has been scientifically proven as one of the main causes of skin damage and premature aging. Hence, it is crucial to recognize indoor air pollutants and look for ways to prevent or minimise their impact.

  1. Traces of Coronavirus in the Air 

Even though you are staying indoors most of the time, you cannot block the entry of outsiders to your home completely. For instance, you must be having milkman, grocers, or other delivery men reaching your place at one point or the other. There can be guests as well, making visits for some urgent tasks.

Traces of Coronavirus in the Air

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You would never know if any of the visitors is infected, mildly or severely, with Coronavirus and passes it on to you. While a normal AC filter would only capture bigger particles, these viruses may continue to pollute the air inside your home.

While there are several ways to fight against indoor air pollution, you should rely on nanotechnology for complete protection.

Stay on the Safer Side with Nanotech AC Filters

When you want to clean the indoor air, you want to get this task done perfectly, reducing the density of pollutants and germs to the minimum. Alongside, you want protection from the harmful Coronavirus, which has made its impact across the globe. A nanotech AC filter is a solution you need for complete protection from indoor air pollution.

These split AC filters have been designed with nanotechnology by renowned brand – Nirvana Being. They are meant to add another feature of air sterilization to the already-installed ACs in your home. Think of these filters as a DIY solution to control the indoor air quality in your home and keep your loved ones healthy. You can easily place these AC filters inside the filtering screen of your split AC.

With electrospun nanofibres and antibacterial additives, these AC filters have been tested by Nelson Labs, USA, to remove contaminants with 99.7% efficiency. It is also effective to catch harmful Coronavirus, which is of the size of around 100nm. If you are more worried about indoor air quality during winters, you can run the ACs in fan modes to make them work as air sterilizers.

Taking care of yourself and your family from unwanted health threats is your responsibility. Make sure you aim to minimize indoor air pollution and its impact on health with smart AC filters.