Pyramid Tea Bags - The Perfect Addition to Your Hospitality Menu (1)

Pyramid Tea Bags – The Perfect Addition to Your Hospitality Menu

Every day, we see our lifestyles changing dramatically. Even a person occupied underneath his hectic schedule finds a way to enjoy a brewing cup of tea. If you are also a tea lover, then chances are you must have heard about the pyramid teabags. The tiny, easy to use, porous, sealed bags release an outstanding flavor when you dip it into a hot water cup and enjoy as a wholesome refreshment. 

On the other hand, if you own a restaurant, cafe, or hotel, then you must be familiar with wholesale pyramid tea bags as a crucial requirement for the menu. Today, we will shed some light on how this wholesale tea in Australia is more preferred than ordinary tea. Whatever vision you may have for your tea program, their collection of fresh and utmost quality gourmet tea blends are perfect to go with. So, let your customers enjoy a premium tea experience. 

Basically, we all are familiar with the conventional enveloped tea bag as they were initially introduced. Yet still many of us are unaware of healthy innovation – Pyramid tea bags. These pockets have transformed the whole process of brew packaging into cute bags. So, let’s get started with knowing the reasons why you should add Pyramid’s infusions into your daily menu.

1. Quantity Counts On

Regular tea bags contain less tea and more of the fannings, which sometimes makes the taste quite dusty. However, pyramid tea bags have a unique spaciousness that captures a good quality of tea leaves. Indeed, the whole experience is much more than a top-shelf brew. 

2. Flavour Is Everything 

With enough capacity of pyramid tea pockets, an assortment of extracts is packed in them. While the ordinary tea bags may come in a variety of flavors, the taste becomes different upon brewing. Pyramid tea bags for wholesale come with infusions of orange peel, lemongrass ginger, green jasmine, forest berry, peppermint, chamomile, black chai, green sencha, earl grey, and Sri Lankan blend. Ultimately, they are far more than the lemon and tulsi, and the extra punch of all these flavours are mouthfeel and real.  

3. Enhanced Brew

As mentioned earlier, Pyramid tea bags in Australia have brought innovation, hence changing the typical rules of brewing. Mainly, the triangular structure of the tea bags allows the leaves to move freely as it mimics the same as a tea infuser or pot. It utilizes the tea leaves in the best manner. As a result, your customers or visitors will get the maximum flavour into the cup. 

4. Time-Efficient 

Talking about the structure, their tea bags are highly porous. Their absorbing nature not only allows the concentrated flavor to mix easily but also enables it to brew faster as compared to the regular tea. Ordinary tea bags take time to steep, and most of the time, the water already cools down. Consequently, the taste doesn’t remain that effective. However, pyramid teabags are a perfect option for your guests and visitors, who are time-bound. 

5. Magnificent Gift

Definitely, you must have a list of visitors or guests who might be regular at your hotel or restaurant. At times, if you wish to surprise them with something, then plenty of options are there, which can be quite overwhelming as well. How about gifting a thing that they can use in routine and just calms their senses? Sounds great, right? Yes, we meant that the best wholesale tea in Australia – Pyramid can work as a wonderful gift. Being soft and holding a beautiful sheen packaging, the hallmark of luxury can give them a spectacular brew every morning. 

Ultimately, getting access to the wholesale range of Pyramid infused tea bags can be the best addition you can ever make to your hotel’s or restaurant’s highlights. So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your lovely guests with its mesmerizing aroma and healthy antioxidants pleasure.