How to Mount A Rifle Scope (13 Steps)

by Alexandra

Let’s Begin

Let’s Begin
Let’s Begin

Well mounted scope, tight screws, leveled cross hairs and the right eye relief is vital to maximizing your rifle scopes capabilities. With these directions, you’ll be able to achieve all four!
All you need is the rifle, scope, base, rings and a screw driver but here is a list of tools that can make mounting your scope a lot easier:

Rifle bench or sandbags that will hold the rifle

  • Ring Wrench
  • Torx driver
  • Screw driver
  • Mirror
  • Magnetic Bore Sight
  • Alignment bars


Make sure you have a clean open space and a bench or sand bag to rest your rifle on so that it won’t move during installation.

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1. Remove the plug screws from the receiver holes and clean the holes with a q-tip.
2. Place your bases on top of the receivers. For Leupold dovetails, the rear base plate will have a windage screws on the sides of it while the front base plate will not. For Weaver bases, the rear plate is thicker and will use the longer screws to put in place.
3. Lubricate the screws and tighten them in the base plates. Alternate between screws so it tightens evenly. You don’t want to tighten the screws past 25 inch pounds but make sure it’s over 18 inch pounds.


4. Most rings come pre-lubricated from the manufacturer. For Leupold dovetails, the rear ring has a base that is shaped so that it fits in between the windage screws. Weaver base rings slide onto the base and use a screw on the side to tighten them no.

5. Install both base rings and get them as close to center as possible. Use the alignment bars to make sure they are centered. If you do not have an alignment bar, put your scope on the ring bases and slowly rotate the scope. The scope should turn freely to tell you that the ring bases are centered.

6. Torque the rings to 45 inch pounds after the alignment

7. Put on the scope. To start, have the back of the eyepiece align with the back of the trigger guard

8. Install the rings caps and snug the screws, but keep them loose. We are going adjust the rifle scopes position to check the eye relief.

Eye Relief

9. Put the rifle scope on the highest magnification and shoulder your rifle

10. Pull the rifle scope forward or back on the rings until you do not see black rings. The eye relief should be close to what is advertised on your rifle scope.

Level Crosshairs

11. There are many tools to help you level your cross hairs. If you do not have these tools simply look at the scope from the stock and follow the vertical line down to the stock and make sure they both alight.

12. Torque down the ring caps. They should be at 18 to 25 inch pounds of pressure as well.

Zero In

13. Press a mirror against your objective lens. You will see two objects, the reticle and a reflection of your reticle. You have to make sure both pictures are aligned by using the windage and elevation turrets to adjust it.

You have now successfully mounted your rifle scope! Before you take it out to the field, the next step would be to sight in your rifle scope.

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