Lavender Essential Oil – Amazing Facts to Know

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Usually, you can begin preparing before your head hits the pillow. Well, most of us are quite familiar with the obvious solutions - avoid caffeine consumption and digital screens before bed. Apart from this, there are many other lesser-known alternatives that can benefit you in routine.

Has lavender essential oil ever crossed your train of thoughts? Generally, most of us are only aware of its powerful fragrance that is used in body wash, shampoos, and perfumes. But, lavender is typically the secret sleep scent. Yes, its soothing aroma is incredible. Also, this oil is a proven method to enjoy quality sleep, improve the moods, and relax the body overall.

Wondering whether lavender oil for sleep is the actual aid you are looking for? Check out how it helps for good night sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil: Amazing Facts to Know

Lavender Essential Oil - Amazing Facts to Know
Lavender Essential Oil - Amazing Facts to Know

More Time of Quality Sleep

A study by Wesleyan University mentions that the lavender scent before bed has significantly increased the time of deep sleep. Medically, this is known as the slow-wave sleep that recharges the body along with detoxifying and healing it. A human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate. If you are not getting enough sleep, then chances are that you will have a weak immune system in the future. Certainly, it is better to set up a diffuser in your bedroom and let the scent of organic lavender oil infuse into the air, and helps you sleep better.

Eases Stress

Several studies have shown that adding a few drops of pure lavender oil into the bathing water delivers a more relaxed feel. It is perfect to practice this night time as you get better sleep as well. In simple words, lavender oil is not only helpful for adults but also children as it eases stress in no time. A study depicts that using lavender oil infused with your routine body spray has been effective in reducing work-related stress and delivering a calming effect. You can even dab a bit of lavender essential oil diluted with your moisturizer on your wrists before heading to the workplace.

Reduces Anxiety Levels

Typically, lavender oil for anxiety has been a proven remedy. It has a high concentration of volatile oils with a pleasing aroma. The therapeutic experience of that fragrance helps in relieving stress and balancing the mood.

Heals Skin Burns

Apart from improving the sleep routine, lavender oil for burns has been effective for many people. As the lavender oil has skin-nourishing properties, it promotes wound healing while increasing the collagen synthesis. All you need to keep in mind is to dilute it before applying. For instance, mix it with 10% of any carrier oil or even you can dilute it with some aloe jelly or hydrosol. Both formulas are not only safe for adults but for babies too.

Repairs the Skin

Lavender oil for skin has been a hailing hero in the world of skincare. It is a simple match made in heaven for your skin as it not only soothes skin with its therapeutic scent but also has anti-inflammatory properties. In simple words, it helps an individual with fighting acne, conditions like eczema, replenishing thirsty skin, and preventing wrinkles.

Ultimately, organic essential oil holds a bunch of advantages. It is one of the easy to use ingredients to add to your daily regimen. This unique purple bloom extract has a lot more to give than we can expect.

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