Can succulents stay in small pots

Can succulents stay in small pots?

Yes, succulents can stay in small pots. But sometimes you might need to make some adjustments and accommodations. A succulent can live in small spots in any place from few weeks to few months, and years also depending on the types of plants that you want to plant and how care they are getting. At last, they will start outgrowing the small pot and continuously grow up.

How long can succulents stay in small pots?

Depending on the pant types and what types of care they are receiving, your succulent plants can stay in a small pot from a week to a few months and even year to year. If you can proper arrangements and accommodations, they will grow up continuously. There are many types of succulent each one has unique characteristics. However, you can buy different types of succulent plants online.

When you want to fix the plant and keep it in one pot, you may start to look at the plant looking displeased or spilling out over the pot. At the same time, if there is a hole one the pot you may notice some roots are enlarging of the holes. All these signs are said that they are overtopping the pot and need to repotting.

Simply depot it and repot it in a large pot. If you think that it does not need to repotting the whole plant, you should trim the plant to keep it small and take some tiny pieces for propagation anywhere. And the pruning shape and size totally depends on you how you want to aesthetic the plant.

How fast will succulents grow in a small pot?

Though a small pot is hindering the growth of some succulents for not getting proper space, mini succulents can live in the small pot, they can easily stay here for a quite long time, from months to years, depending on how they are taking care of. Soil medium, techniques of giving water, and lighting keep a vast role in their growth.

It also depends on what types of succulents you are growing in your pot. Trimming or cutting their stem helps to grow slower than before and create a probability to grow over time. Some of the succulents also have the tendency to enlarge and don’t care where they are accommodated.

For example, haworthias and echeverias are succulents plants that do not need too much space for a proper grown-up. Moreover, sedums are also a great choice as they are strong and can stand against different growing conditions.

Succulents are pretty strong and pants may withstand stern conditions for a large time. At the nursery, we have viewed vertical growing, rosette, and hanging succulents in 2 inches pots only. Here are our findings:

Vertical Growers

As the Crassula Miniature Pine Tree, they are continuously growing up. Because the plants aren’t affected by the small pots due to vertical growth patterns.

Sprawling – Hanging Growers

These succulents will easily drop over the side and help to make an aesthetic image sometimes you might see on social media. The String and Tears is an excellent example of it that will continuously grow as well as hang out over the pot.


We have observed that these may be increased 1-inch growth around the pot before they stop growing. Sometimes a little bit larger.

How to prepare succulents for small pots?

Imagine, you are collecting one of your favorite succulents from another pot or container, or from a garden, when you pull it you will notice it has a well-established root system. This shallow but elaborate root system is quite excellent for drinking water in the dry season.

When you look at it properly and can realize that it’s a tight squeeze. Therefore, how are you going to do that? Here’s the soil preparation for a small pot:

Shake the soil as much as you can.

Adding the entire plant to the small pot.

If it doesn’t fit then rip off several of the roots.

Test, spill, and repeat it if needed.

Historically saying, succulent roots like soil and require it to thrive. Therefore, be sure you may fit the plant and soil into the pot.

So, the succulents plant can stay properly in the small pot if you manage the arrangement, pick the right types, soil management and follow the techniques.