Kitchen Trends

Look at these 2020 kitchen trend if you want to renovate your old kitchen style

What does your dream kitchen look like? If you have no concrete idea yet, let yourself be inspired here. Because, the new kitchen should be perfectly tailored to you, so that you like it for a long time. After all, the kitchen is the center of life in almost all households today. We’ll show you what’s hot, and provide helpful kitchen ideas for your planning. Find out which color is suitable for your new kitchen. The decoration also plays an important role. Hang up pictures to make your kitchen more comfortable.

High quality materials and exclusive kitchen appliances in the luxury kitchen

Stable glass worktops, hard-wearing lacquer fronts, and luxurious kitchen appliances – An exclusive kitchen can be recognized above all by the high-quality materials, and kitchen appliances used. Understand the importance of modern kitchen appliances such as Rotimatic roti maker, Best outdoor refrigerator, modern oven, basic utensils, kitchen cabinets, modern basins, electronic equipment, etc. Do you that based on these things you must design your smart kitchen?

Kitchen trends 2020

The year 2020 has just started, but stylish trends are already emerging in the kitchen. We have summarized the most important kitchen trends 2020 for you from the areas of furnishing styles, kitchen appliances, materials and colors.

New furnishing styles: From robust to glamorous

In 2020, rustic, and robust kitchen styles are all the rage for kitchen furnishings. But, glamorous accents in the kitchen are also becoming increasingly popular, and create a cozy atmosphere. These are the new furnishing styles for your kitchen –

  • Concrete-look kitchen: robustness with a special charm – In addition to its robust design, a concrete-look kitchen has many other advantages. The industrial style can be found in more and more kitchens, and exudes a very special charm. There are no limits to your choice of colors. From light to dark shades there is something for every taste.
  • Glamor wallpapers: bring even more luxury to your kitchen – With glamor wallpapers, your high-quality kitchen gets the finishing touch, and transforms it into a luxury oasis for well-being. Often, beautiful ornaments in glamorous colors such as gold, silver or copper are used. A real eye-catcher that will also amaze your friends.
  • Extractor hood made of copper: stylish and modern – Dare something new when planning your kitchen, and rely on a copper extractor hood. This fits perfectly with a concrete-look kitchen.

New material trends: stainless steel, metallic or natural wood tones

There are several different trends in kitchen materials for 2020. From robust to shiny to natural materials, there is something interesting for every taste. These are the material trends for your kitchen –

  • Stainless steel kitchens: modern material and high quality – Nowadays, stainless steel kitchens are not only found among star chefs. This style of furnishing is also becoming increasingly popular in normal households. Stainless steel is very robust, and particularly easy to clean. It transforms your kitchen into a stylish ambience, and lets the room shine. Stainless steel kitchens can be combined with other materials such as granite or natural stone.
  • Kitchens in metallic tones create a positive atmosphere – Similar to the stainless steel kitchens, kitchens in metallic tones are in great demand. This includes materials made of gold, copper or bronze. These materials are often combined with luxury, and glamor, and go perfectly with high-tech kitchen appliances such as the Rotimatic smart roti maker. In addition, warm colors such as gold, bronze or copper create a positive mood in your kitchen area.
  • Wood look kitchens instead of wood kitchens – The look, and feel of kitchens in wood look very close to the original wood. The possibilities of colors are almost limitless. From light wood tones like maple to dark wood tones like black oak everything is possible. The grain of the wood is also deceptively real through the so-called synchronous pore.


New color trends for the kitchen

In addition to new shades, the 2020 color trends also include old classics that are coming back. In general, it can be said that the color trend is darker, and more subdued than in previous years. These are the color trends for your kitchen –

  • Dusty Colors create a special ambience – Dusty Colors means matt colors with little luminosity that create a special kitchen ambience. This kitchen style can be perfectly combined with dark wood tones or a concrete look and makes your kitchen unique, and individual. Popular dusty colors are blue gray, ever green, mocha brown or nougat.
  • Black kitchens: black is the new white – Black kitchens are currently very trendy. For a long time, the white kitchen was undefeated in terms of popularity with the kitchen styles. Now the black kitchen is conquering the kitchen market. The color black stands for pure elegance, and smoothness, and gives your kitchen room a certain magic.
  • Dark shades instead of bright colors – After bright colors had become popular in recent years, this year the focus will be on darker shades. The dark shades can be optimally combined with the metallic materials, which are also part of the kitchen trends 2020. Let your inspiration run wild.

Conclusion: A designer high-gloss kitchen combined with stone

Do you prefer the no-frills design of a modern kitchen? Then high-gloss kitchen fronts with glass optics are just the thing for you. Because they give your kitchen a special aesthetic. Wood also forms an expressive contrast to the high-gloss design. If you value full minimalism in your high-gloss kitchen, choose handle-less kitchen fronts. High-gloss kitchens are also characterized by the wide range of color options. There is hardly any other feature that shapes the style of a kitchen as much as the kitchen fronts. This is probably why high-gloss kitchens are particularly in demand. Because a kitchen front with a high-gloss effect not only looks modern, it also brings out elegant design elements. It is available in different colors so that it can be adapted to individual wishes. In addition, high-gloss kitchen fronts are particularly easy to care for. Don’t buy before checking rotimatic reviews in India.

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