TV Installation Service

TV Installation Service | TV Wall Mounting Service

You got a new TV, and you don’t want to risk it by installing it yourself on the wall? TV installation services are there for the rescue. There are many companies in New York which offer this service. You can call them at your home and get it done. Usually, it does not take such long. You can book them one day before you want it done. The drilling and measurement is the only hard thing in all of it. The technicians are well trained to do this, and you can get it ready within a few hours.

Types Of TV Installation Services

Every flat-screen TV needs mounting on the wall. There are different types of mounting and installation services offered by companies. Some of the common ones are briefly described below.

Fixed TV Mount

It involves the stand to be mounted on the wall, and it is completely fixed. You can then hang the TV on that stand, which keeps it in place.

Tilted TV Wall Mount

If you want to install a TV somewhere above on the wall and the couch is not to its level, you can get a tilted TV wall mount. It gives you a more accessible view of the TV while sitting down.

Moving TV Wall Mount

This type of installation can cost you a little more than the others because it involves more technicalities but trusts me; it is worth the cost. In moving TV wall mounting, you can adjust the angle of the TV however you want. You can make it wholly horizontal or completely vertical. The TV is supported at the back with a strong wall mounted stand.

Wire Concealment Of TV On Fire Place

It is the same type of wall mounting, but you can conceal all the wires from the TV into a place above the fireplace or nay stand you place under the TV. The professionals fix it in such a way that the cables are not much evident from the front.

Wire Cover-Up Behind TV Mount In The Wall

If you are getting a TV installation service and the TV is just mounted on the wall, you can cover up the wires and extensions by asking them to make a box behind the wall mount within the wall where all cables are hidden. It might damage your wall from that part, but it covers up behind the TV.

How Much Does It Cost In New York?

The TV installation services mainly depend on how you want them, but the average cost in New York is somewhere between $100 and $300.


These days TVs are not that easy to mount them yourself on the wall. You need professional help for that. Even if you believe you can do it all on your own, you cannot reach that professional efficacy in your work. There are many TV installation services by many companies out there who can help you with it. Not only can you get it done, but also there are many stylish ways to get it installed. Try it yourself, and you will see the difference.