12 Steps to Maximize YouTube Video Views

by Alexandra

To better understand the long and overwhelming process of YouTube video creation, we have broken down the process into three category buckets. This comprehensive checklist will help you better understand and create a system for uploading YouTube content that will maximize YouTube video views automatically.

Before Upload

Verify the Aspect Ratio

It is easy to confuse the right aspect ratio of a video before upload. The aspect ratio is the number that defines the value between the width and the height of a video. For YouTube, the preferred aspect ratio is 16:9.

YouTube Mp3 Convertor

Some cameras shoot on 4:5 rations, while there are a few phones that shoot at 1:1 rations. Keep these values in check to ensure you do not lose any data during the edit. A video that is not in the right ration will look unappealing and reduce the number of shares and views on YouTube.

Fix the Audio

While a clear, high-quality video is essential for grabbing eyeballs. The value of excellent sound quality goes unnoticed. The use of good sound is what retains a viewer in a video. Incorrectly mastered audio quality will lead to people tuning out early and affecting your video ranking.

Before you hit upload, make sure to listen to the audio on various channels. This means, check them on laptop speakers, mobile phones, earphones, and car speakers. The errors in audio quality or leveling might only be evident from multiple tests.

Optimize the File Name

Do not save your files as "Final-edit-001". Incorrect naming is a prevalent mistake many YouTubers do. While it does not majorly affect the video, it could hamper your SEO. Keep your original video title keyword appropriate.

Before you upload anything, like the video or the thumbnail, give the meta-data a look to make changes. When you edit videos online, you can make these changes once you download it.

Pre-Write the Description

Do not jot-down a half-hearted description before you hit publish. Make sure you take the time to write a detailed explanation of the video on a notes file on your computer. The description acts as both a resource to the user and SEO.

Make sure you share relevant information about the video and the creator. Use this space to share links to external websites and social media pages. Read the description of some top-YouTubers to understand this art better.

During Upload

During Upload
During Upload

Add a Balanced Title

The title of your YouTube video plays a crucial role in setting the context. The best practice, as recommended by all copywriting experts, is to write ten different titles and then pick one that works best. By pushing for ten titles, you force your mind to think harder.

Avoid very long, or very short titles. Please keep it to seventy characters. While the upper limit is a hundred, seventy is an optimum value for display on all screens.

Create a Thumbnail

If you are selecting a screenshot from your video and as a thumbnail, you are not trying hard enough to make an impact. You will have to use a custom thumbnail on your video. There are free online tools that let you create a stunning, aesthetic thumbnail in just a few minutes.

This thumbnail draws the attention of the users and plays a more critical role than the title.

Add Closed Captioning

Closed captioning (CC) is a means to make the videos accessible to people with a hearing disability. While this is the primary reason, the text of your CC also helps trigger better SEO. Some might choose to hard-code the subtitles on the video for better visibility but consider CC for enhanced video optimization.

Apply Appropriate Video Tags

YouTube tags are descriptive keywords that help users find relevant videos. The better optimized your tags, the easier it is for users to find the videos. The same tags also help the YouTube algorithm to show your video among interest groups.

Add Info Card

Have you noticed the "i" icon on the top-right corner of a YouTube video? This feature is called an information card or info-tab. This YouTube trait allows you to add links to other videos on your channel that might be relevant to your current video.

For example, if you are doing a series of videos, you can use this icon to link the past episodes or next episodes for the audience to find them easily.

After Upload

Optimize the End Screen

The end screen of a YouTube video is the section that encourages a call to action. By using elements like subscription buttons, video and playlist tabs, and external links - you can prompt users to browse more of your content.

This end-screen can be a maximum of 20 seconds at the end of the video. You can use an outro maker available online to make the base template for this end screen in just a few minutes.

Promote to Your Circle

The last step after uploading a fully optimized video is to promote it among your network. Share it with friends, family, and other groups to get the ball rolling. Encourage them not just to view your video, but also interact with it.

Ask them to leave a comment, hit the like button, and use the share feature. All these actions will prompt the YouTube algorithm to show your video to more people and increase your reach.

Study Analytics

Once the video has run for a few days, take the time to understand its performance. This exercise is possible using the analytics feature on your YouTube creator studio. It gives you detailed insights about the demographic that likes your work and helps you make better content.

After a few months, you can also consider altering your title, thumbnail, and tags based on current events' relevance. Do not change your information too often; this will send a red flag to the YouTube server and bring your videos-rank lower.

Final Thoughts

These tips and tricks will bear little fruit if you do not stick to your plans and upload regular and consistent content. YouTube creation is not the story of overnight success. It is a slow process that could take months or years to master.

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