12 Party Light Ideas 2021

by Alexandra

The tips that we are going to share with you today will make your party shine if you are hosting a small party or planning up for lighting a big event like a wedding.

You can also take professional suggestions and assistance from electrician North Shore to get the best party light ideas into motion.

1. LED Latex Balloons

This is the latest trend that is being followed in major events according to the emergency electrician North Shore. The LED light that are there in the LED latex or Illoom balloons will stay lit for several hours. They come in great color combinations and are kid-friendly.

If you are looking ahead to create an effervescent party atmosphere you need to dim down the lights or bring them out at night. They are the best you can choose for great camping parties and BBQs.

2. Letter Lights

Use these letter lights to efficiently illuminate the party hall and outside party space as well. Good lighting system is really important for the party success. Illuminate your garden with a super cute and amazing lighting system. In addition to this, mark the bar in the party area with good lights and grab the attention of party visitors.

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When you are going ahead in a circus or carnival-themed party, the letter lights are full of fun so why don't you make it up on your own? You can also take help from electrician North Shore to get them right.

3. Glow in the dark lights

You will come across glow sticks as well as glow worms as there are several lots of great glow in the dark products that are there in the market today. These lights are especially loved by the kids so simply dim the lights and your little ones will start waving them around!

4. LED candles

These lights are absolutely great for your party tables especially when there are no plugs. These LED candles are absolutely kid-friendly and they are operated through the batteries forming the perfect solution for all.

5. Garden lighting

You can well install some colorful lanterns by adding a little magic to your garden with them. Create a spectacular entrance to your party by lining a garden path or driveway through the help of North Shore electricians. You can also place them around the garden for a more natural look.

6. Creative lighting

It is time that you run some colored lighting rope around the beams or party floor as you cover up a whole wall with a net of bright sparkly lights. Internet is the best place to search in for such creative ideas and get hold of one.

7. LED Tent Lights

In times of a wedding, the tent can be festooned with length upon length of LED string lights, you can well choose something in the middle and you can go for bright whites to mellow yellow. You can set the party in its right mood with LED lights.

8. Globe String Lights

You can well string around the balls around your house or on trees. They can fill up your tent with lights as they work just as well.

9. Tea lights

The tea lights are superbly effective and are simple to use. You can add them to the party table or place them around the room. They should be out of reach for creating a great soft and atmospheric feel to your party. You can also place them around your party room and add plain tea lights to colored tea light holders.

10. Disco ball lights

Let the beautiful colors dance around the room as you fill the room with great colors. You must have this light installed through the 24-hour electrician North Shore and get the party started.

11. Lasers

The laser lights are now the commonly accepted light that is used in parties and events. To shine on to a disco ball or in groups the lasers can be used. They can well be programmed into a light show as they can be continuous as well as pulsing. The lasers can complement with the other lights in the best possible way.

12. Strobe lights

There are many of us who first thing that there are two types of light whenever the call for a dance party comes up. If you want something like 1970s disco era to current house music, a flashing strobe reminds us all of several things. Any bass-heavy mix, a nice touch are all enhanced through the flash of a strobe.

Conclusion for 12 Party Light Ideas

We hope these party light ideas will help you add more value & elegance to your functions.

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