Sell Your Home Faster – 5 Smart Home Features to Add Value

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Preparing your home for a sale can be a daunting process. Your major focus is selling the property in a short time and getting the most out of the transaction. In efforts to sell your home faster, you must think like a buyer. Think of the features that can impress you if you were to buy the property. There are several measures that you can employ to improve the value and aesthetics as well as sell your home fast.

This excerpt discusses the top smart features you can install and sell your home faster for better rates and returns.

5 Smart Home Features to Add Value

5 Smart Home Features to Add Value
5 Smart Home Features to Add Value

Backyard Deck and Patio

A backyard deck increased one's living space and can be used to place decorative herbs and container gardens. You can also add some exquisite wooden furniture to the area so that you can relax there with friends and family. It is aesthetically pleasing and completes the home's style and design. This kind of comfort and look is something that potential buyers purchase. It provides additional space for those with large families.

Common Fridge Problems

Evenings are warmer when there are lights and garlands around the deck area. The installation is a fairly expensive venture but you have the assurance that the return on investment (ROI) is guaranteed upon sale. One can easily maintain beauty by regular cleaning and dusting.

Adequate Garage Storage Space

Garages are often used to house cars. There are also other items from the main house that can be stored in the garage. Most buyers with advancing families will ultimately need increased storage space. As the seller, you should carve out space in the garage and introduce shelves to increase the storage. Having more space on the walls means more space. The new homeowners will store their patio chairs, and boxes from the main house.

The installation process is simple and the cost should cover the cabinets and shelves, the wallboards as well any improvements on the lighting and electrical systems. The current homeowner should contact a reputable garage remodeling contractor and get a real-time quotation on the project.

Advanced Security System

Regardless of the location of the home, security is a paramount feature. The basic security measures begin with a smart doorbell to the sophisticated wireless security system. A smart doorbell connects to the homeowner's smartphone and notifies them of a visitor at the door. The activation process begins when the doorbell button is pressed. Depending on the sophistication, the system can also have built-in motion sensors and automatically send a notification.

This system not only deters burglary but also protects a homeowner. You do not open the door for unwanted people. The smart wireless security system gives you access to your home on your phone regardless of where they are. The systems have different prices depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Improve the Curb Appeal

A beautiful home attracts potential buyers. As a seller, understand that you only have one chance to make a first impression to the buyers. For those homes with live fences, one should have the hedges trimmed and the front garden trimmed. The windows and general exterior such as the roof should be in good and presentable condition. These general cleanliness procedures do not have to cost you a lot of money.

Some of them are DIY while others require professional services. If you have personal photographs and portraits, you should remove them and declutter the house. It becomes easier for potential buyers to perceive themselves in the house when it is decluttered. A well-maintained house will attract more buyers as compared to a seemingly neglected house.

Smart thermostat and Smart Lights

A well-lit and airy house reduces the strain on the electrical and HVAC system respectively. Natural light saves the energy required. With a smart thermostat, the homeowner can set the temperature automatically so that the conditions in the home are conducive. The system can reset your heaters or HVAC system by a simple tap on your phone or connected device.

The sophisticated systems require Wi-Fi to function while the basic ones can operate either way. Like the smart doorbell, the system is operable regardless of your proximity to the home as long as it is connected to the internet. You must purchase from reputable brands and gauge whether they are compatible with your HVAC and electrical systems. After the purchase, have the installation done by experienced professionals. This way, you are assured of great services and durability.


Improving the home's systems and physical appearance will intrigue the interests of the potential buyers. Some of the projects and advancements can be expensive but you have the surety of getting the money back after the sale. A home with smart features will sell for more than a regular home. As a home owner, focus on increasing the functionality and beauty of the home as this boosts your chance to sell your home fast.

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