Simple Hacks to Clean Eyewear with Cotton Pouch and More

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In our daily lives, it is common for glasses wearers to clean the lenses with toilet paper, glasses or cloth corners when cleaning the frame glasses. However, eyewear experts point out that you need to wash your eyeglass cleaning cloth with clean water instead of just wiping it.

Simple Hacks to Clean Eyewear with Cotton Pouch and More

Simple Hacks to Clean Eyewear with Cotton Pouch and More
Simple Hacks to Clean Eyewear with Cotton Pouch and More

It is a fact that most glasses currently wear plastic lenses. However, plastic lenses are more likely to wear out and accumulate dirt, so they require a rigorous maintenance routine. There are ultrasonic cleaners to clean lenses in official glasses stores, but for most of us, it is impossible to clean the lenses every day. For this reason, here are some tips on how to clean the lenses themselves.

If you find oil or dust spots on the lens, apply a drop of detergent and then lightly rub the lens with your cotton pouches. Then wash with clean water. If small drops of water protrude, vacuum them with soft paper or wipe them with a cloth suitable for plastic lenses. Dirt in the small spaces between the frames goes away when you brush gently with an old toothbrush. It is better to clean the lenses daily.

If you cannot keep your glasses strictly according to the instructions above, make sure to buy expensive glasses, since replacing the glasses often costs a lot. Instead, it is better to buy discounted glasses that meet your needs. It is important to consider when buying discount glasses since most discount items are outdated or defective. However, if you inspect the glasses carefully, you can avoid such problems.

Microfiber sunglass pouch to remove dirt and dust from your lenses

Microfiber sunglass pouch are effective to remove dirt and dust from your lenses. Many glasses users choose glasses because they allow the cleaning of glasses without aerosols or additional chemicals. Never use plasticizers for glasses, as this may cause a film on the microfiber cloth. This film can make its way to the glass causing it to fog. Clean your glasses by washing them every week. Eyeglass wipes when not maintained with care may not effectively clean your glasses, so they are often dirty and dirty. If you clean the cloths regularly, your glasses will remain clean. If you continue as follows, your glass cloth will be better. Place the glasses in the washing machine along with other items of similar weight and color.

Adjust the water temperature to warm and add the appropriate amount of mild detergent to the washer. Start the wash cycle and let it go through the entire cycle.

Fill the washing machine detergent container with the recommended amount of detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions. Press the start button on the washer to start the cycle.

Remove the towel from the washer when the bicycle is finished.

Dry the cloth by hanging it over medium or dry heat with your dryer. If you hang your clothes to dry, separate the towel so that it is flat and completely wrinkled.

Fold the cleaning cloths and remove them. I just want to say that we have to keep our cleaning clothes clean so that your glasses are clean.

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