6 Trends for Stylish Frames for Men and Women

by Alexandra

Searching the latest stylish frames for men and women may often leave you confused because of the infinite choices available both at the online marketplaces and the high-end stores. The trend that was followed last year may not be the flavour of the season, however, some old 70s or 80s glasses may make a come-back or remain evergreen being the favourite choice among the readers. And you will get to see the classic frames becoming the talk of the town.

Well, fashion is unpredictable and so are the men's glasses as well as the women's glasses. Although there are several high end stores as well as online marketplaces where you can get some of the branded and most attractive pieces of stylish frames, what matters is not the high prices but also the high standard of quality of the glasses.

What should you consider while selecting stylish frames?

 What should you consider while selecting stylish frames?
What should you consider while selecting stylish frames?

When you are selecting stylish frames often there are certain factors that must also be given a due thought apart from just the appearance and the looks. Check out in the following list.

1 Current trend

Observing the current fashion trend and following the same is not just limited to youth and the models of the fashion magazine, but a whole lot of people keep a track of the current fashion trend irrespective of the age group.

2. Colours must be suitable

When you buy stylish frames do not ignore the colour of the frames. Consider the colour of your eyes, hair, as well as the outfit that you are going to wear whilst selecting the eyeglasses frame. When buying men's glasses, consider shades that are bold and neutral such as black, brown, red, blue, green, white, metallic, etc. On the other hand, for women's glasses, you can go for pink, yellow, purple, neon, etc. or any colour of your choice provided it matches with your outfit.

3. The shape of the face

Round glasses will not suit the round shape face, similarly rectangular glasses will not go well with the rectangular face shape. Therefore, carefully select the eyeglasses considering the shape of your face. The key is to enhance the features of the face, if your face is round and lacks sharp angles then select eyeglasses like rectangle, triangle etc. On the contrary, if your face shape has sharp angular or pointed features like rectangle, triangle, or diamond shape, then buy eyeglasses that have soft curves like round, oval, aviators and cat eyes.

4. Patterns and designs

Marble effect, leopard print, tortoiseshell, dual tone, sporty glasses, etc. are some of the hottest trending glasses that you must consider. Women's glasses can be matched with official attire, gym sportswear, college outfits, party dresses etc. However, men's glasses should be carefully selected considering the seriousness of the business, occasion and the purpose where they are present.

5. Size of the frame

Nowadays, oversized frames are vogue in style, they look amazing, trendy and unique to adorn the face and enhance the facial features.

6. Advance coating

When you opt for buying trendy and stylish frames for men and women remember to select the lenses that have an advanced protection coating. It means that the prescription or non-prescription lenses should be blue light glasses along with the anti-glare coating. This is helpful to protect eyes while working on computers.

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