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How You Can Rank Your Blog In The Google SERP?

Who does not want their blog to rank at a higher position in the Google search engine? Google is used by almost everyone in this vast world, having your blog raked at a high position in the Google search engine is desired by every individual.

Whenever we Google anything, what is the first few links we open? The ones present on the first page. Hence, we can say that through experience and study that websites present on the first page of Google receive almost all the trafficking.

After answering those questions, which we never thought about, we can understand the importance of having your website on a higher rank of the Google search engine. With no timesaver techniques and alternate routes, getting your website on a high rank requires a lot of effort and time. Some useful tools such as WMS SERP API can be really crucial for the same. Hence, listed below are a few ways you can get your website at a higher rank.

Tips to Rank Your Blog In The Google SERP

Create original content

It is often said that content is the key to get your blog in power. People search for blogs for their content. Hence writing original and consistent content with significant quality and usage of keywords is essential. Keep your blogs and articles short and to the point, and make sure at every step you have the reader’s attention.

Regularity in posting

Look around you, how many people do you know who have started off writing blogs but have stopped doing so after about 30 days? Yes, we all can name a relatively good number of people. This is why people fail, and this is why regularity is advised. Creating unique, valuable, and regular blogs are very significant in getting your rank higher.

Buyer’s personas

Create buyers personas, identify your target audience. While writing your blogs ensures that your prime goal should be to satisfy your target audience. Once you have accomplished this, the chances of increasing your shareability and search ranking increases.

Increase page loading speed

It’s a stated fact that 53% of website users leave the page if the page does not load within 3 seconds. Hence you should keep this in mind while creating your website. Keeping your page loading speed as fast as you probably can in order to have an increase in your website visits is highly recommended. You should begin off by analyzing what is the speed of your website through Google’s page speed insights.

High dwell time

The time you pass between the time you click a search result and back to the SERP is known as dwell time. If the visitors have a high dwell time, they are going to result in reading at least the heading and introduction of your blog or article, if not the entire article. This highlights the importance of having attractive and catchy headings that can capture the reader’s mind and make them want to come back to your blog or website.

Not only a catchy heading but also great starting off sentences are required to immediately grasp the attention of the user.

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Picture optimization

Optimizing your pictures is very important as they have a direct effect on the loading time of your page. If your images are too big, it will slow your website down hence addicting your rank. Images put should be well optimized, and the size thought of should be given considerable thinking.

Images on your blog or website cannot be omitted as images are considered one of the most important eye-catchy features on a website.

Higher CTR in SERP’s

You can simply increase your CTR by having a catchy title. Why should one have a catchy title? Because that is the first thing any user is going to read, and the title is going to act as a base for the user to indirectly judge your blog. You can also increase your CTR by creating featured snippets.

Optimize your URL

This is a straightforward and relatively easy technique to gain a competitive advantage. Keep your URL small and simple in order to allow Google to load your page faster. These are simple techniques that can have an immense impact.

Update yourself on social media

Google gives a lot of importance to websites that have good social media signals. Using Pinterest, SlideShare not only gives you massive importance from Google but also creates awareness among users.

Enhance the experience

A good website is one that is attractive enough to get customers and make them visit more pages from your website. The longer users stay on your website, the better your ranking would be. You need to give an exceptionally enjoyable and good experience to the users in order to get them back to your website, hence increasing your traffic.


Blogging is jollification and worthwhile if it’s done in the right way. The above mentioned 10 points can help your rank increase and hence further adding to the experience of blogging. Not restricting our article to blogging, even websites can follow the same tips to enhance their business.

As we all know, successful websites do successful businesses. Understanding the importance of website ranking, we need to understand improving a rank requires an enormous amount of effort. The effort should be put as this effort will benefit you in the long run.