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The New Update For Honor In The Smartphone Store

Recently, people can easily access the smartphone store to find their favorite model. It helps them simpler in fulfilling their digital necessities. Let’s say you require a new phone.

Huawei introduces you to Honor that offers users various types of smartphones. You can visit its official website to get further detailed information.

In this article, we will explain more information about the selection types of Honor smartphones. Let us check below.

A Traveling Phone

It is an elegant phone that is suitable for wanderers. There are many benefits to the Honor smartphone. One of them is the camera.

Like many other mobile phones, it has a camera in its various types. You can choose any of your preferences. Each model has a phone camera from single up to quad kinds of it.

If you are a traveler who requires a smartphone, we recommend you to choose Honor 20 Pro. This model offers you its quad camera.

Each camera has a function to capture for a different occasion. Let’s say you want to shoot a daily moment, just pick the standard camera.

Through this type, you feel like a pro. The photo shots were taken present you with the best high-resolution photos.

Besides, Honor 20 Pro offers you another advantage in capturing moments. This type can shoot objects during nighttime. It presents you with a clear photo if you shoot it in the night.

It has a Super Night Mode that provides you with crunchy as well as clear low-light photos. You can even try it with any spontaneous movements. Through the AIS algorithm and the 4-axis OIS, its bright photo results are undoubted.

Moreover, there are several other benefits offered by this type. Its handy design makes it compatible with those who like to travel. It is a recommended type that you can select from the smartphone store.

A Selfie Phone

Nowadays, many people like to use their smartphones for a selfie. Thanks to the technology development that allows us easy access to capturing each moment.

Similar to many other phones, Honor provides its users with a good quality selfie camera. One of the favorite types is Honor 10 Lite.

This model is also known as a fashion icon smartphone. Let us have a look at why it is called like that.

The first is its front camera. It has 24MP with a combination of 4-in-1 light fusion technology. Through this, the users can have a high-quality selfie.

Moreover, it is completed with exposure compensation technology that allows you to shot a selfie during day or night. It will present you with a superior photo result.

The front camera will adjust the object and presents the users with customizing beauty effects. In the smartphone store, it is mention that AI technology makes it easier for users to take studio-level selfies independently. So, any shot will give you a stunning natural look.

The second is the presence of its camera. Although it has the best quality of the front camera, it also serves you with a high-quality phone camera. You can get a clear shot at any moment.

A Gaming Phone

Apart from its super function in the camera, Honor is also recommended for a game lover. It serves users with amazing technology in displaying games. You can have a try on it.

The favorite type is Honor 9X. It presents you with a wide notch display. So, you are comfortable in viewing any screen display.

Moreover, this type allows the users a better experience in watching the game. It can be a small screen, but it serves you with a bigger scenic view. You can enjoy the game in full-frame.

The speed of technology is undoubted. Empowered with a Kirin 710F chipset and GPU Turbo 3.0, the users can play any game without delay. So, you can beat your enemy as well as the game speed.

Besides, Honor 9X is completed by fast4G signal recovery. You don’t need to worry about the signal lost while you are playing the game. The AI Signal Enhancer presents you with exceptional signal recovery.

The battery durability also supports you in playing your favorite game. It has a 4000mAh battery capacity. The smartphone store mentions that users can play for up to 8 hours.