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Why Startups Need SEO Services in 2021?

These days, we find a new startup in every nook and corner. Unlike the old times, now there is increased access to the internet and other technology, giving rise to several new businesses. Moreover, people are willing to take a risk to formulate creative ideas and translate them into meaningful businesses. While many work day in and day out to prove their worth in the overcrowded market, some are not successful. There could be several reasons for this, but generally, startups face a more significant issue with visibility than funding. It is sad but ironic that most of them run after expensive strategies that could cost a dime while ignoring the cost-effective yet powerful ones. Despite best SEO services being the elixir of every business, they are often overlooked by startups.  

Delivers Customer Behavioural Data to Startups

The more you research about search engine optimization, the more information you get on what your potential customers are looking for. In simple words, SEO uncovers essential data. “When a founder is just beginning their business, they don’t have much data about their audience,” says Scott McGovern, a digital growth expert “SEO helps accumulate that data over time. They can continue to benefit from it long after they’ve launched their business.” Some of the best SEO agencies in India provide free trial versions that can even help you understand what words are often used by customers while looking for products or services. 

Builds Brand Equity

As a starter, one of the first steps you should be thinking about is product promotion, for which creating brand awareness is essential. Brand awareness refers to how your target audience is recognizing your service or product. The more you build familiarity amongst them, the more you are identified and hence higher profits. It is a boon that digital marketing is just one click away and you don’t have to spend on flyers or newspaper advertisements anymore. SEO can guarantee that your firm would be noticed on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, thus increasing brand awareness. 

Higher Traffic and Conversions 

It is a well-known fact that views or traffic on your content leads to higher conversions, which can be achieved through SEO. “Maybe you’re installing a product, or you’re a publisher and you’re trying to get impressions,” explains Scott McGovern. “If you can rank particular keywords that don’t have high searches and aren’t very competitive like some long-tail keywords, then you can start driving organic traffic.” “It has been proven that organic traffic — traffic that comes from a search like on Google — converts 400 percent better than any other type of traffic besides email marketing,” he added. Instead of splurging on other digital marketing strategies, you could spend time building your search engine optimization. 


There are thousands of potential brands in the market. So, it would help if you focus on getting hold of every customer’s trust and need to work on maintaining it, helping one stay at the top of the game. A startup has a long way to go, and customers will only invest in them if they provide ‘up to the mark’ services and products. SEO provides positive user behaviour, which is crucial in building credibility. 

Works Round the Clock 

SEO permanently can never stop working. Since it works 24/7, it is possible to reach the top with continued efforts. It is not easy to remove you from the list after getting there. 

Make Informed Business Decisions

The information that SEO provides can be used in shaping other decisions made by the firm as well. “Once you figure out the consumer, you can decide how to convert them. Then you can vertically integrate that by creating specific click funnels geared toward those specific users,” says McGovern. “For example, you can say, ‘my user is a 24-year-old male who typically lives in this part of the country.’ Then you can create content specifically geared toward that particular user.” 

SEO is no longer a luxury. If you don’t want to spend on expensive advertising strategies and campaigns, opt for search engine optimization to build your brand.