9 Tested and Proven Tips for Studying Physics in Singapore

by Alexandra

To most students, Physics is one of the hardest subjects to master. Most of them wish they could drop it altogether and concentrate on other sciences. Most of the technologies are based on physics concepts and so it is imperative for parents, guardians, and teachers to encourage students to take this subject seriously. Tuition sessions that are offered by a professional and accredited physics tutor in Singapore can also help students score high marks in this subject.

Here are some tested and proven tips for studying physics in Singapore.

9 Tested and Proven Tips for Studying Physics in Singapore
9 Tested and Proven Tips for Studying Physics in Singapore

1# Think Conceptually

Unlike other subjects, physics goes beyond simple study and memorisation before the exam. Yes, spending several hours per day or per week study physics can help improve your score, but you need to have big-picture conceptual thinking.

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Virtually all the physics concepts are hinged on conceptual stepping stones, the fundamental laws and principles that govern the universe. Therefore, to succeed you need to have a clear and firm understanding of the basics. More important, have a flexible mindset so that you can assess the rules and know when and how to apply them when solving a problem.

Concisely, you should focus on the fundamentals but keep the big picture at the back of your mind. Use the conceptual building blocks and have a positive mindset to break through.

2# Don’t Ignore your Intuition

Intuition refers to the ability to acquire knowledge without relying on your conscious reasoning. It can also be defined as the ability to comprehend something instinctively.

If you have ever being actively involved in a sport, you are already an expert in basic physics principles and the dreaded calculus. Every time you engage in this kind of activities, our human brain automatically calculates various factors such as gravity, force, vectors, and the area under the curves.

As you start your journey to mastering physics, it is imperative to trust your intuition by applying the basic common sense to resolve problems. Note that advanced physics supersedes the realm of everyday experiences. Common sense cannot be applied when studying complex physics topics such as elementary particles an astrophysics.

3# Love and Practice Math

You will need to apply formulas to solve most of the physics questions. Based on this fact, it is important to hone your math skills to be able to understand the question, know which formula to use and do the calculations correctly. At least you need to have a fair grasp of trigonometry, calculus, and algebra.


Just like other subjects, physics requires commitment and determination. If you fall behind, you will get in trouble come the exam day. This is because physics is a series of linked principles and laws that build upon each other. In fact, physics is more interlinked than most of the subjects you will study in school.

For example, if you miss a history lesson, you might not get to learn about a particular influential person who changed the future of the world economy. In physics, if you miss a lesson, you will be lost for the rest of the course.

The point we are trying to put across is that you need to commit yourself to studying and reading the assigned topics and do your homework. Focus on understanding the underlying principles and not merely memorising the concepts.

5# Get in the Zone

Physics requires consistency and uninterrupted study sessions. The most successful physics students in Singapore have a special studying routine that help them stay in the zone. One of the sure ways of getting in the zone is by avoid all manner of interruptions that can derail you. For example, turn of your phone and resist the urge to access the internet.

Some students prefer studying in a quiet room while others prefer studying while listening to their favourite music genre. Whatever helps you focus fully, use it. Have a clear and open mindset from the word go.

6# Have a Study Group

A study group will help you keep on keeping on when you feel like giving up or bored. Most physics teachers in Singapore divide students into groups and assign essays or assignments that should be done as a group. Such groups are instrumental in mastering physics as they allow students to exchange and share ideas.

As you start your journey to mastering physics, consider creating a study group. The group participants do not have to be from the same school, you can request students from other schools in your neighbourhood to join. The interactions during the study sessions will greatly help you to master the various concepts.

7# Reward Yourself

Rewards do not have to be from other people. You can reward yourself for achieving a particular milestone or go. By doing so, you will give yourself extra motivation to study even harder and smarter to achieve the next milestone. Overtime, your passion to understand physics will grow and this will be reflected in your score at the end of the term.

8# Try to Simplify Situations

One of the main reasons why most students fail in physics is because they envision every situation as difficult and unsolvable. Yes, the question or concept might seem difficult to comprehend at first, but approach it with a positive attitude. Take another look at it – analyze it and you will surprised how easy it is to solve if you apply the right formula.

9# Use Drawings or Graphics

In the previous tip, we recommended simplifying situations to get a clear understanding of what you are required to do to solve the problem. One way of doing this is by using graphics or drawings. The drawings will help you to illustrate the concept and eventually know which formula or law you are required to apply.


Physics is one of the most important subjects you will study in school. Applying these nine physics studying tips will help you master it and score high marks. For more than five years now, Kung Fu Physics has being offering physics tuition services to students in Singapore. The tutor is fully accredited and the sessions are tailored to suit the needs of every student. Get in touch with Kungfu Physics for the best physics tuition services in Singapore.

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