Travel Insurance

6 Advantages Of Travel Insurance

Many travelers mistakenly believe that travel insurance protection is only necessary if you are traveling to another country, investing in an expensive vacation, or planning to remain away from home for an extended amount of time. The truth is travel insurance is a good idea for every trip you take.

Protection Against Trip Cancellation

There are times when complications will make it necessary to cancel even the best-planned trips. In most cases, the travel industry is not very accommodating when it comes to returning money for trips that are canceled on short notice. And if you are like most people, it will not be easy to absorb a complete loss when your trip is canceled.

Your travel insurance policy will protect you from losing your money and reimburse you when it is necessary to cancel your travel plans.

Accident Protection

Accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. And thousands of travelers each year suffer broken bones, trauma, or some other serious illness while traveling for business or pleasure. When you purchase travel insurance, a simple call to your insurer will often provide the financial relief you need. In some cases, providers will pay in advance for emergency medical attention that is approved as part of your policy. These policies work similarly to public liability insurance for electricians.

Money for Medical Evacuations

A serious illness or injury that requires a helicopter to transport you to a medical facility that is better equipped to deal with your emergency can cost you a small fortune. Depending on where you are in the world at the time of your emergency, the cost of air transport to a hospital can reach into the six figures. And this cost does not include the money you will need to get home after your emergency is addressed by medical professionals.

Travel insurance that includes a provision for emergency medical transportation will cover the cost required to move you to an appropriate facility when you are injured or ill while traveling.

Protection Against Travel Delays

Each year, a significant percentage of flights do not take off when scheduled. Additionally, enough flights are canceled altogether that the risk of cancellation is also a legitimate travel concern. When you purchase a travel insurance policy you will receive reimbursement for any meals and additional expenses you incur due to a travel delay. You will also recoup any prepaid costs for your present travel accommodations along with the cost of any additional accommodations you are forced to purchase if your flight is canceled. This aspect of travel insurance can provide great relief for travelers who were not expecting to pay for a hotel or purchase extra meals while waiting in an airport.

Replace Lost Items

Millions of bags are misplaced by airport personnel each year. The good news is that a significant percentage of these lost or misplaced bags are eventually returned to their rightful owners with all the contents of the bag still inside. The bad news is that many travelers are separated from their belongings forever.

Travel insurance is the perfect remedy for the possibility of lost or misplaced luggage. The baggage delay benefits included in your travel insurance will allow you to recoup the cost of any items you need to purchase if you are separated from your bag for 24 hours or more when traveling. Additionally lost or stolen bag protection will pay the cost of repair or replacement for any items that are damaged or lost permanently.

Additional Health Insurance Benefits

Your health insurance card will likely be useless to you when you are injured or become sick in a foreign country. Many medical facilities in other countries will also require you to pay for services in cash before you are treated. Adding medical and dental benefits to the travel insurance you purchase will provide you with basic health care insurance while you are traveling abroad.

The Takeaway

The six reasons above are among the many you can find for purchasing travel insurance before leaving for your next pick. However, the reasons to purchase travel insurance can all be summed up by making the following point: You will enjoy your trip more and possess a peace of mind when you know that help for any emergency you encounter while traveling is only a phone call away.


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