The Favorite Songtsam Lodges across Yunnan

The Favorite Songtsam Lodges across Yunnan – Pick One for your Stay

The Songtsam Lodges across Yunnan, founded by Baima Duoji are the supreme example of Tibetan-style retreats and luxury in the Shangri-La area. The hotels boast of rich culture, scenery and immense spirituality of the location representing its unique thread. The mesmerizing views and rich wildlife in the area boosts the demand for sustainable tourism forms and complete protection of its biodiversity.

The Songtsam lodges are built using modern techniques and exceptional local materials to prove as an innovator of responsible travel without cutting down on the standards of hospitality. Here are the best of the seven Songtsam lodges across Yunnan only for you.

Songtsam Shangri-La Lodge

Set in a traditional Tibetan environment, the Shangri-La Lodge is the most special Songtsam lodge as it is located in the childhood village of Baima Duoji, the founder. With beautiful mountain views all around, the hotel renders the gateway to Tibetan Kingdom amid a village setting. It is a self-sustainable village displaying ancient farming techniques. At a short walking distance of 10 minutes from the Sonzanlin Monastery is a place where you can find immense peace and inner calm while practicing Tibetan Buddhist medication at Yunnan’s largest monastery, home to over 700 monks. The Songtsam puts in efforts to bring the traveler and host together in the most interesting way, be it going for dinner to a Tibetan family or learning about the cultural preservation in the Shangri-La Old Town.

As soon as you get into your room, you will not stop appreciating the comfortable and luxurious setting of the handpicked traditional furniture, intricately woven carpets and everything balanced in a perfect Tibetan style. From the terrace of your hotel, you can allure the spectacular Tibetan peaks close to the border. You can get the Tibetan feel without even having a permit!

Songtsam Lijiang

Located at an elevation of 2400 meters in Ciman’s Naxi village, this Songtsam is at the lowest altitude of all setting the start of Yunnan-Tibet route. It is a great opportunity for travelers to acclimatize with the climatic changes. From this place, you can reach the beautiful Lijiang without getting into the touristy old town. Settled between the Wenbi Peak in the southern side and Yulong Snow Mountain in the northern side, this large lodge connects you to the awe-striking landscape of the area through its amazing floor-to-ceiling windows designed in the traditional Naxi-style.

You can enjoy some additional bonuses in the lodge such as spa, fitness center and an outdoor pool. Being a significant connection between Han and Tibetan culture, the lodge showcases the value of preserving the heritage and Chinese art. If you are a history buff, take the Horse Tea Trail that passes the lodge, narrating a westerner’s story who lived here for more than 27 years.

Songtsam Tacheng

Songtsam Tacheng Lodge is set amidst Tibetan, Lisu and Naxi ethnic minority communities. The hotel has nine lodges, each of which renders the spectacular view of the vineyards and fertile rice paddies. It also has an outdoor pool for you to relax after a long journey. Being a part of the farming community, the lodge offers you the fresh produce as they handpick the ingredients from organic gardens. The hotel is situated at walking distance to Hadda village where you can interact with the warm and friendly locals. Indulge in the traditional culture of the place by joining them for the traditional dance and learning event. You will get to know about the Yunnan Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys, the most endangered primates of the world. If you don’t want to leave the amazing lodge, get to the private terrace for a breathtaking sunset fantastic view of the scenic valley.

As the Songtsam lodges across Yunnan are customized into well-crafted boutique hotels, it offers you with the chance to imbibe the beauty of the region exploring it personally. The local staff at your service will entertain you with the stories of the runaway yak, the tips on best golden-hour spot making your stay memorable.

So, whenever you plan a trip to the Yunnan region, pick one of these best Songtsams for an unforgettable time.