Tungsten Rings Buying Tips

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Gold, silver, and platinum are the most popular jewelry designs amongst consumers. There are few other metals other than these three metals like platinum, palladium, and tungsten.

Tungsten is situated at the 74th position in the periodic table. The chemical symbol for tungsten is "W". Tungsten has an opaque quality and it has a high melting point. In its raw natural form, this metal is a lighter white metal, like platinum and palladium. The element naturally appears alongside Wolframite in the periodic table, thus methodically tungsten was also known as Wolfram.

Let's look into some of the features of the tungsten rings:

Tungsten Rings Buying Tips
Tungsten Rings Buying Tips

You can't reshape and resize tungsten!

Tungsten metal is unable to reshape and resize. Thus, you cannot reshape your rings once they are designed.

Tungsten resists scratches.

Yes, this is called the super metal of all other metals. Despite its rough lifestyle, tungsten can be delivered as a tough metal. Tungsten can be used in any rough possible way. These rings can easily resist scratches.

Engagement rings made of tungsten are breakable.

Though tungsten is tough metal, it contains few disadvantages as well. The metal can slice and break.. Thus while purchasing the engagement ring, be cautious that the engagement rings cannot be restructured or re-molded once broken.

Various gemstones looks astonishing in the engagement rings:

While tungsten looks dainty, the metal shows different color lusters when embedded with the gemstones. Thus we can add a few gemstones that could induce the look of an engagement ring.

How to add visual interacts and inlays in the engagement ring.

Tungsten rings look glamorous when they are polished. Thus tungsten rings are polished in such a way that the silver sparkling of the ring creates a canvas for the colorful inlays. The engagement rings of tungsten do not require frequent polishing. The rings are highly resistant to tarnish and cannot be scratched easily.

The behavior of tungsten with other metals.

Tungsten combines easily with other metals. The yellow gold and rose gold colors combine with the Tungsten's dark or silver color to give an astonishing look to the rings. The texture can be created by sandblasting the gold textures. The engagement rings can be modified and styled in different ways. The metal is affordable and thus helps to create flexible designs to the consumers. The stones can be integrated in the ring as per the consumers need. As tungsten being an affordable metal it helps to open up the budget and lets the consumers create different textures in the rings.

These rings do not rust!

Rings have quite low maintenance as compared to other alternative metals used in making jewelry. The high resilience and hardness of the metal alloy prevents the metal from scratches, bending, and rusting. Rings remain untainted over time.

They can go unpolished for the entire lifetime of the ring, even with regular use. These rings will also not react with other substances due to their dormant nature. Whether you expose it to the sun or swim with it on in salty or chlorine water, rings will not corrode, tarnish, or rust.


Men generally do not like investing a lot of money into their accessories even if it's a wedding ring as compared to women. Thus, rings provide an affordable alternative. Rings are substantially more economical when compared to other jewelry materials such as platinum, gold, silver, palladium, and titanium.


Tungsten rings have, in recent times become increasingly popular especially among men.

Though gold, titanium, and silver bands can get scratched easily, tungsten rings are quite scratch resistant - they are rigid than steel and ten times harder than gold. Tungsten carbide is actually one of the second hardest metals. The rings look new even after ages.


Tungsten Carbide and Tungsten are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing; but, at a closer look at how they are made, you'd see they are not.

For instance, Tungsten is the 74th element on the periodic table and is ranked 8th in the Mohs scale of hardness. Tungsten Carbide is an alloy of six different minerals that include tungsten, tantalum, nickel, niobium, titanium, and chromium. It's harder than Tungsten itself and is ranked 9th out of 10 on the mineral hardness scale.

Tungsten and tungsten carbides have certain resistible properties that make them suitable for a number of uses.


With all the advantages of rings, these rings are increasingly becoming popular among men and women. Despite their inefficiency to resize them, rings are dependable and economical pieces of jewelry whose versatility and unique look make it trendy among men and women.

However, the choice of wedding rings material ultimately depends on users' preferences.

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