7 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

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You might have read about cosmetic dentistry while reading an article on a celebrity. But, do you know what does cosmetic dentistry mean or how it is done.

Well, you can learn more about cosmetic dentistry through this article.

7 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

7 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry
7 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry?

You usually visit the dentist to ensure the good health of your gums and teeth. However, when you visit a dentist to analyze the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile it is termed as cosmetic dentistry.

There are several cosmetic dentistry Irving Texas but it is important to get in touch with an experienced dentist. They use the latest technology and the best procedure to change the appearance of your smile, teeth, and mouth.

The latest technology allows dentists you to provide you with translucent tooth coverings, improved teeth whitening and a 360-degree smile makeover. Cosmetic dentistry has been doing the rounds for decades. But, ever since, the materials have become more durable, there is a tremendous increase in its demand.

Moreover, these materials are so natural looking that it is difficult for an observer to note that you have gone through a surgery. A majority of the cosmetic dentistry patients happen to be women.

Discussed here are different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures-

Dental Caps

Dental caps are referred to as dental crowns as well. These caps are a mainstay of all dental practices. A dental crown is used to enhance the look of a broken tooth. The crown acts as a shield and covers the top portion of your tooth.

The crown is placed right above the gum line and covers the entire structure. Yet another feature of dental caps is to support the one end of the bridge that is replacing another missing tooth. Generally, porcelain or acrylic materials are used to combined with metals to bear the biting pressure.

This is a vital procedure in this field as they can help to mend and strengthen broken or weak teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is also popularly known as tooth bleaching. This is yet another well-known cosmetic dental procedure as it helps to remove discoloration and stains. This is not a one-time procedure. It is a safe yet effective procedure. They enhance the overall look of your teeth.

There are several products as well as home remedies to whiten your teeth. Most whitening treatment products consist of hydrogen peroxide. This particular ingredient might cause teeth sensitivity in the long run.

Instead, you can approach a reliable dentist in Irving Tx to acquire sufficient information on teeth whitening and opt for it. It is important to seek your dentist's opinion before you give your consent to this.

At the beginning of the process, your dentist will apply a protective gel to safeguard your gums. Most cosmetic dentists offer you the much-needed advice and guidance to achieve fruitful results.


Earlier, when an individual faced a dental problem, it was easier to remove to simply pull out the natural teeth. However, with modern dentistry, there are a variety of options to fix your dental problems.

Losing a tooth can make the simple task of chewing and speaking difficult. This difficulty can be resolved with the help of dentures. Dentures are placed in the missing spot and you no longer face difficulty in eating or speaking. Dentures not only act as a replacement but also protect the surrounding hard and soft tissues.


A small white composite resin is used as a remedy for a stubborn stain, small chip on your tooth, and dental restoration that damages your tooth. This composite resin is a biocompatible substance that does not harm your gum or the surrounding tooth. Since dental bonding easily blends, and bonds, it is a better dental filling option.

Bonding is conservative cosmetic treatment and can be altered as per your tooth's shape and color. This is a durable solution to restore your teeth. You can skip the complex treatment and opt for this simplified process. This procedure involves the use of composite resin to your tooth and covers several minor blemishes.

Dental Implants

An optimal solution for loss of a tooth is dental implants. A dental implant is a type of metal device specifically designed to swap missing teeth. This metal device is surgically placed into the jawbone.

Dental implants are permanent, unlike many other temporary solutions. You can say that dental implants are more like the root of the lost tooth. Dental implants can anchor an artificial tooth-like bridge, crown or denture.


This treatment is opted to straighten your teeth. It is less intrusive than braces and comparatively comfortable. Several sets of custom fit aligners are used during this procedure.

Each set of the aligner is worn for a fortnight. This duration may vary as per your dental condition. Post this period, the dentist will provide you with a new set of aligners to fix your teeth. Within a few months of wearing these aligners, you will enjoy a straight and healthy smile.


It is important to learn about the dental process before you give your consent. Ask your dentist to provide you all the necessary details about the process so that you are well aware of the outcome.

Keep Smiling!

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