Unique App Marketing Strategies for Mobile App Success

by Alexandra

The inclination of people towards the use of smartphones is the main reason why app marketing companies are coming up with new and advanced developments in the launch of mobile applications. The success of a well-designed mobile application lies in the app marketing company's strategies.

The apps are designed by a mobile app marketing agency to successfully reach out to the potential customers and ultimate target audiences. The trend of mobile app marketing has given a new shape to the world of digital marketing.

The following figure depicts the trend of users spending time on Apps

As per the projections made by the marketing strategists, the industry of mobile applications will give $188.9 billion in revenue to the world by the end of 2020. Going by the reports presented by the International Business Times, Apple's App Store gets a request for over 1000 app submissions daily.

The number is undoubtedly high to compete for any mobile app marketing agency. A company needs to create an app with unique and stand out features to survive in this competitive world.

Factors responsible for mobile applications' success

  • The inclination of users towards the use of smartphones, tablets,
  • Increasing number of mobile application downloads
  • Prevailing competition in the market place and app stores
  • To help app owners to get noticed and to increase their credibility

Role of Mobile App Marketing Agency

The marketers set the bar with the launch of a mobile app based on user expectations and needs. Google play store and Apple App Store are the top mobile app stores in the app marketing world. The number reflects the fierce competition prevailing among marketers. For the successful launch and popularity of a mobile application, it is vital to reach out the end-users with useful notifications, alerts and other offers and discounts.

As per the research studies, 65-70% app marketing companies work on dedicated strategies, while the remaining percentage of the companies follow a moderately documented strategy for app marketing.

Importance of On-time alerts and notifications

Importance of On-time alerts and notifications
Importance of On-time alerts and notifications

With the design and easy accessibility of a mobile application, encouraging the users to download the app is easy but to make users stay is another important task for a marketer. Timely notifications about the app and important alerts should be notified to the user timely is a great idea and essential to keep the user hooked to your app. These alerts are also known as push notifications.

The best thing about push notifications for a mobile application is that it helps in increasing user engagement to nearly 90%. Several pieces of research on user behaviour towards apps have shown that they find it helpful to access the notifications about a particular app. It also makes users feel valued. Their expectations are a success for your app and your business.

Significance of Mobile app marketing budget

The duo play of the most controlling app stores of Apple and Google Play store are taking over the mobile applications world. The competition among the android as well as Apple apps is on a notable rise. In such a cut-throat competition, planning the right marketing budget for an app store optimization agency can be extremely challenging. Out of 100, over 30-50 per cent of app development companies spend nearly half of their budget on app marketing.

As per the top marketers in the world of app marketing, they suggest that the marketing budget should be planned as per the result of the users reach their mobile applications. Great marketers also say that choice of the right type of audience for your app also helps in planning the app marketing budget.

Mobile App Updates

Let us accept it. We cannot spend a day without using the apps installed in our cell phones. When did you last update the apps on your phone? And how does it make a difference? Like the software updates in the phone, applications also need to be updated to make the user experience smooth and efficient. Apart from potential users, application updates are also advantageous to a mobile app marketing agency. Also, no app is bug-free even after performing tests before the launch of an app. Therefore, timely updates in apps also help in fixing the bugs, thereby making the user experience more accessible.


There are many factors responsible for mobile app success. A fully documented marketing strategy, the right choice of target audience and app marketing budget are among some of these factors. The success of an app is directly proportional to the user engagement on a particular mobile application. The mobile technology industry is crowded with top app stores and applications. Innovation, marketing strategy and enhanced user experience on the apps will help any mobile app marketing agency to gain success.

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