What Are Digestive Biscuits & Why People Love Them

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This is can be a very conscious and effective decision, as many people are slowly becoming more health aware and are cutting on other cookies and biscuits. One can simply use some of the basic ingredients and a commercial biscuit-making machine to start a small-scale digestive biscuit business.

What are Digestive Biscuits

Digestive biscuits have always been a way to avoid flatulence and enhance the digestive power of the stomach. Though not magical, these biscuits are effective as compares to other biscuits in the market. These biscuits were first created in the 1830s by a Scottish doctor who wanted something that patients could much on, which would ease their digestion.

So, he came up with the basic ingredients of bicarbonate soda, white wheat flour, and butter, and gave them a small flat round shape. They were originally called malted bread. It has ever since been one of the most likes tea biscuits in Britain and now in the entire world.

Ingredients of Digestive Biscuits

Ingredients of Digestive Biscuits
Ingredients of Digestive Biscuits

These biscuits are simple in making. As mentioned above, there are basically three ingredients used in them; butter, flour, and baking soda. Soda is meant to act as an antacid and balance the acidity and heartburn caused by it. The flour used is usually whole wheat flour and rarely is white flour.

The fiber content is good for digestion and keeps the bowel movements corrected. Also in current modifications and varieties of digestive biscuits, one can find several other ingredients like oats and millet flour. Also one can find dried fruits and chocolate in some. Manufacturing units simply use the ingredients and use a commercial biscuit-making machine to make uniformly baked digestives.

Benefits of Digestive Biscuits

There are several benefits if these biscuits which makes them a top choice of people:

  1. High fiber: Most of the biscuits are low of fiber because white flour is used in them. This can mess up the stomach and the digestive system. However, these digestive biscuits are made of whole wheat flour and sometimes even have husk, oats, and millet flour in them. This makes the digestive system stronger due to the high fiber content.
  2. Filling: Having one or two digestive biscuits can have a filling effect on people. This makes them an adequate option for people who feel hungry throughout the day and want something nutritious and healthy to much on.
  3. Less Sugar: Most of digestive biscuits are less of sugar. Therefore, those who want to enjoy biscuits without adding more calories to their diet, they can have these. Also one can find sugarless digestive biscuits these days, which makes them perfect for diabetics and weight watchers. For more informative blog posts visit Learn & Publish,

Final Words

Now you know what are digestive biscuits and how to make them. Manufacturing biscuits is an easy way to set up a business. Not only the capital requirements are less, but it also requires lesser ingredients and machines are easily available. Having a huge market for digestive biscuits, it can be the best way to kickstart one biscuit manufacturing business.

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