What is New in HR – 2019

by Alexandra

Want to know what is new in HR? We are here with all features you should know about in changing HR insdustry.

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What is New in HR

What is New in HR
What is New in HR

The HR industry is major changes and improvements in technology and how we observe employees. The expectation from the organizations are developing rapidly, and HR departments are trying to retain employees and increase the working culture. The HR sector has a completely new world of opportunity to explore writing and recruiting software, managing employee data and social media at their fingertips.

India is mainly one of the fastest developing smartphone markets in Asia, and the market is expected to record double-digit growth. Even the fin-tech business in India is at a nascent scene but has been seeing a steady increase. With such high digital perception, niche skills are making a lot of boosts, and new boulevards are preparing for individuals.

The Indian government has been freeing ties with foreign investments, and there is more possibility for international brands to produce up in India and serve with the talent here. In turn, mostly opening job opportunities for the youth here and providing them with exposure to working with foreign brands. 

The Indian government has been taking large measure and grant greater market access for foreign investors. Investments have been on the increase, and the startup ecosystem also has been growing steady pace. India is at an interesting stage and is ready to welcome new skills and talent that would ultimately help in the growth of the Indian economy.

HR Innovation Talent Strategy
HR Innovation Talent Strategy

Onlooking the conversion in full swing, 2019 is a year of learning so that the companies’ strategies and beliefs run smoothly. 

Recent  Recruiting Technologies – The Rise of AI

AI is no longer a fable. It is for existing and already in use by many advance firms to hire entry-level positions. AI is soon growing to become the buzzword after the popularity of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and mainly Google Assistant. The use of information and algorithms has been demonstrated effective for biased hires. The long normal hours of scanning resumes and providing interviews will find a substantial cut with the use of AI methods.

With the latest recruiting software, HR professionals will be able to use their time more efficiently and effectively in selecting the right talent. The software will be able to support the companies in two key areas: optimization and targeting. Hiring in 2019 will be streamlined and frequently relied upon the same

Further to learning management systems that foster more regular team training and communication, more organisations will consider what machicolations professional intelligence have to endeavour. Chatbots and other similar technology will bring upon low-level task like scheduling and presenting basic information. This will help the HR solutions professional to allocate time on other significant relationship-building projects with employees and candidates.

Improved Candidate-Experiences

While a candidate is in the scout for jobs, it is also necessary for an organisation to make the hiring method fruitful present the candidate with good hiring experience. Exhausting recruitment methods are a big turn off for candidates and can point to an organisation losing out on possible candidates. 

It is becoming highly aggressive to find for individuals who resonate with your brand ethics and follow your brand values. Firms are now also opting for more interactive hiring process with the personalized recruitment procedures to ensure their preferences of talent and not their competitors.

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Niche Talent on the Rise

India has been opening doors to different industries and foreign firms to set up in India. Data privacy, data analytics, analysis, risk & compliance, Java developers, blockchain and data science, are some of the few growing skills in demand. There will be a major increase in skilled talent hire.

People Analytics

Most of the details of people analytics have been extensively used to improve day-to-day operations. However, people are having the restriction of data integrity as the executives are only having a surface-level knowledge of their data.

2019 will bring more knowledge and a level of data management that beforehand didn’t exist in the HR sector. This will help officials to become more educated about how to use their information, further positions in data management that may appear.

Hiring on attitudes and behaviours rather than qualifications

The competency-based interview is soon displaying a custom for companies. The candidate should have both soft skills, character and behaviour,  with an approach to learn the new technical abilities.

The Takeaway

Technology with a focused approach is going to redefine HR management software. To streamline the hiring method and make it more effective companies need to employ to new age practices. Nowadays, it is not enough to just bring good talent but also make your workplace beautiful enough for people to want to work for you.

The strength of any business lies in its people. One should never ignore that it is the employees and their talent that takes an organization to success. It is essential for firms to adopt the most suitable methods and get the right talent farther training them to achieve their goals.

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