How to Choose Best eSignature App (8 Factors to Consider)

by Alexandra

It can be confusing to find out if a provider can meet your needs but fear not. We have put together a practical checklist with eight points that you should look out for with a digital signature provider.

How to Choose Best eSignature App (8 Factors to Consider)
How to Choose Best eSignature App (8 Factors to Consider)

Identity Authentication

Identity authentication Signers must prove they are who they claim to be by providing, validating, or accessing some type of shared information.

  • Does the digital signature service require users to prove their identity before digitally signing a document?
  • How strong is the authentication method? Does the system require a user to receive just one email, or do they have to answer private questions or enter a code that is sent to their mobile device?
  • Can documents be accessed without authentication after they have been signed?

Audit Trail

Audit Trail a function that tracks every action by the signatories and documents in every transaction to provide comprehensive evidence of the entire transaction that has taken place.

  • Does the E-signature online app track every event in the signature process?
  • How detailed are the events stored? What information is kept?
  • How is the audit trail saved? Is it secured against manipulation?

Notice and Consent design and other laws require that users know that they are embarking on a digital signature process and that they must have an opportunity to choose not to.

  • Is there an adequate and visible indication of the use of an electronic signature app being given to the user?
  • Will the user be given the option to opt out of using the service?
  • Is the consent to the use of electronic signatures clearly shown?
  • Is user consent tracked as a reviewable action?

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E Signature and Intent

Signature and Intent The user must perform a digital signature action to indicate the intent to sign.

  • How user sign a document?
  • Is the process communicating the intention?
  • How is the document viewed by a user?

Data Records

Association the signature must be linked to the data or data records to be signed to prove the connection between them is another good thing about the best e signature app.

  • How is the free e signature linked to the documents to be signed?
  • Is the assignment of the signature based on standards or proprietary solutions?
  • Is the digital signature firmly embedded in the document or just an image attached to the document?

Integrity of Signatures

Integrity a user's signature must be tied to the version of the document he is viewing while signing, and the documents must remain the same after signing.

  • How is the electronic signature contract protected during the process of adding each signature?
  • Does the service provide strong evidence of tampering with the documents after they are signed?
  • Can the service protect and also prove the integrity of a document at all times from the first to the last signature?

Verification Independence

Independence in verification you should choose a provider who does not require an ongoing contract for the validation of signatures.

In which format are the signatures and documents created? Is it proprietary?

  • Are the documents and signatures human-readable and also accessible with free PDF viewing software?
  • Is every digital signature an integral part of the document? Do the signatures inherently provide the integrity of the document?
  • Can individual signatures be validated without having to go back to the manufacturer who created them?
  • Do the signatures comply with international cryptographic and document standards, such as B. RSA, DSA, sha, pages, and pdf?

Long-Term Validity

Long-term valid signatures should be based on standards whose validity can be proven not only today but also in decades.

  • Can the electronic signatures be validated in the long term?
  • Does the digital signature service use a technology that is standards-based and can be validated in the future?
  • Are the systems used for signing vendor-specific or are they based on established cryptographic tools?

So, these are some of the main things that you need to find out in the best e signature app.

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