What is MediaFire Benefits in 2021

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The unprecedented growth in advanced technology has led to cloud computing and storage that has primarily helped people save, share, and maintain their data on the cloud rather than on devices. One such cloud services provider is MediaFire, hoping to be a leader in the coming times.

Cloud storage services offer an adequate general troubleshooting facility and allow you to pay for what you use. With cloud storage coming in place, your search for expensive hardware with colossal storage space has ended as the former stores and keeps all your data in a fully secured virtual space.

Be it for personal use or to store large official data, particulars kept in cloud storage cannot be compromised unless a person has your login credentials with him. Cloud storage also allows you to buy storage space depending on your requirements. So, to help you choose the right cloud storage provider, we have come up with media fire , a multi-cloud services provider. Below, you learn what MediaFire is and what benefits its users can derive from it.

What is MediaFire?

MediaFire is a company providing online storage, file synchronization, file hosting, and collaboration services. It aims to offer the world an easy-to-use and complete solution to manage all their digital things on the go and online.

Tom Langridge and Derek Labian founded the company in June 2006, based in Shenandoah, Texas, United States. MediaFire has issued client Software for macOS, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android, Linus, and multiple web browsers.

In 2012, the company had welcomed 1.3 billion new visitors to its domain and currently flying high with a registered user base comprising 43 million users. MediaFire had been honored with the titles of being one of the "Top 100 Undiscovered websites" in 2007 and a "Top Website of 2008" by PC Magazine. CNET and Lifehacker have reviewed the company as favorable. SkyHigh Networks in 2014 ranked MediaFire as the 10th fastest growing cloud Apps of 2014.

The best feature about MediaFire is that it is the solo online storage provider that offers unlimited downloads, zero wait times, download resuming, and more powerful features, all at zero cost. The company sees over 150 million people every month using its cloud services to securely and quickly store, share and organize all their personal and professional data in MediaFire's Cloud.

MediaFire Benefits You Must Know

MediaFire Benefits You Must Know
MediaFire Benefits You Must Know

A MediaFire user gets to do bulk file uploading and a file manager to sort the uploaded files much more quickly. It also offers useful file-sharing options that you can do even without registering with the device. So, here are the main benefits you will be getting if you use MediaFire for cloud storage and sharing.

Pricing Plans

Registering on MediaFire is a convenient and straightforward process because you can sign up using your Twitter or Facebook credentials. When you successfully sign up, you get introduced to a host of unique features, such as 10 GB of free storage for uploading and sharing files. Moreover, each file you upload can be up to 4 GB in size.

The company also deploys industry-standard rewards mechanisms. It offers opportunities to its registered users to earn more storage space by fulfilling specific tasks, like installing the MediaFire app or connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the app. But, these free services come at the cost of paid advertisements, which you cannot skip.

However, MediaFire offers two paid subscriptions. First up is a Pro Plan, which costs $3.75 a month if billed annually or $5 per month, where you will receive 1 TB storage space with a single file upload of up to 20 GB in size.

The second plan is a Business Plan that will give business subscribers 100 TB storage space that 100 users can share. This plan is priced at $50 per month or $40 a month if billed annually. Apart from colossal storage capacity at an economical price, you also get access to various other benefits with the paid plans, like ad-free downloads, bulk downloads, direct uploading from website links, one-time links, and more. You can also directly insert the download links into your emails, website, and online posts that will help your recipients to avoid the long route of first going through MediaFire's website.

Interface and Usage

The web interface of MediaFire is one of its biggest strengths because it has been clearly labeled and arranged neatly. Using the drag and drop features, you can upload the files and folders into the interface or simply the upload tab to do the same.

After uploading all the files on your MediaFire account, you can track the uploads and manage the files per your choice. MediaFire uses an encrypted connection as a security measure for file transfers.

Incredible Features

MediaFire's greatest strength is its features. It offers unlimited bandwidth and downloads that make sure your downloads are fast and available, and bandwidth does not hit its limit. It also enables you to share your file as soon as it uploads 100%.

Using MediaFire's application or web browser, you can upload hundreds and thousands of files at once. You can upload, copy, move, and control access to all your files using your laptop or phone from anywhere.

MediaFire also provides the power to control your downloads. If you share a file using its free On-Time-Link, your recipient will not be able to share the same link with anybody else. Thus, keeping your sensitive and personal documents safe and secured.

MediaFire has another ability for its sharing feature, which is to subscribe to folder changes via RSS. A user can ask MediaFire to create an RSS URL instead of the regular URL for a folder because anyone with the RSS URL will be able to receive auto-updates whenever you add or delete files from that particular folder.

Pro and Business subscribers also get access to a handy collaboration feature named FileDrop, which will permit those with the URL to the folder to add files to it.

Final Words

MediaFire is worthy to see the substantial amount of storage space and the low cost at which it is offered. If you are thinking is Mediafire safe or not, worry not, as it is safe just like any other cloud storage. Therefore, if you have a large file with limited storage capacity in your hardware, you know where to store it.

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