On-Demand App Business – Brilliant Startup Idea for Entrepreneurs in 2021

by Alexandra

Presuming that you are an entrepreneur, let me pose you a question. As a startup business, your aim will be to reach out to customers within a short time, right? This is exactly how all the businesses out there would wish for. This blog is written with the intent of giving you the best startup idea, an 'on-demand app business' that lets you gain fame for your business in a flash.

We will be learning about the on-demand services business and how an on-demand app development will help you offer seamless services. Let us take off!

Why There Lingers A Huge Popularity For On-Demand App?

On-demand apps are worth the popularity as one can get their things done at their confines. Users of on-demand apps can book for services, make the payment, and get the services at their doors. The on-demand services have totally tweaked our lifestyles, thereby making it more sophisticated. Let us see some of the major benefits of these services and why users pour in affinity for on-demand apps.

Swift And Efficient

One of the predominant reasons for using on-demand apps is that users can book for services and get them instantly. Who wouldn't love getting services or things swiftly? Another reason is that most of the delivery services come with scheduling options. Users can choose a leisure time in which they want the orders to arrive.

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Timing and convenience are the major reasons behind the usage of on-demand apps.

Payments Made Easier

We are not new to online payments. To be more specific, we prefer online transactions more than hard cash transactions. With on-demand apps, users are free to choose the type of payment methods from a variety of options like cards, in-app wallet, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, etc. Once the user pays the bill, the app will produce a digital invoice for reference. Payments are made simple and clutter-free!

Discounts And Promotional Codes

We all go behind online services for two main reasons. One is for convenience and the other is for discounts. Be it a shopping website or any other services, people get attracted by the offers and promotional codes.

Of all, who finds time to visit shops, and get their needs? The on-demand apps are making a revolution and will soon become the new normal. Launching an on-demand multi-services app has been made easy with the ready-made Gojek clone app solution . With this briefing on the benefits, let us move on to the features of on-demand apps that have the hearts of the users.

Features Of On-Demand Apps to Accolade

 Features Of On-Demand Apps to Accolade
Features Of On-Demand Apps to Accolade


The app has a profile for every stakeholder like user, service provider and delivery person. They will input their profile details which you can refer to at any time.

Book Services

Users can easily book their services just by swiping through the app. For this, a clean user interface is highly appreciated which makes the user's job simpler.

Schedule the Service

On-demand apps provide the convenience of choosing the time for availing of the service. With the app's scheduling feature, users can fix timings for getting their services.

Charge Estimates

What is more exciting than knowing the charge of the service even before booking it? The app's price calculation algorithm will calculate the charge of the selected services.

Time Estimation

Similar to how the app calculates the charges beforehand, the app will also let users know how much time it will take for the delivery person to arrive at the user's location.


Some features of the app are inevitable. One such feature is tracking. The tracking feature is present in both the user app and the driver app. Users can track the driver's location and vice versa. Tracking will let users keep a check on the current location.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the key features of the app. Everything related to the app and the transaction can be brought to the user's attention through push notifications.


Cancellation is one such hectic task for both users and business owners. While users will have to make numerous phone calls to cancel their orders and claim for a refund, the app allows easy cancellation and credits the amount within a specified time.

Order and Service History

Having knowledge about the previous transactions is essential. Like any other app, the on-demand apps have a history feature for both users and service providers.

Accept or Reject Orders

Service providers can accept the number of orders they can process. They don't have to struggle managing numerous orders. With the application, they can just indicate whether they are available or not. Simple!


The app will generate a digital invoice regarding the earnings of the delivery persons or drivers. They can check for their earnings under the app's earnings section.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can manage the business by scrutinizing the activities of every stakeholder. The admin can know the performance of the app, preference of users via analytics and reviews.

That is a broad list of features present in the on-demand apps. The Gojek clone is one of the on-demand apps that contains all the features stated above. You can go for Gojek clone app development if you are willing to provide many services from a single app.


If you closely notice the current trend, the on-demand apps are topping the marketplace. Be it the revenue generated or the customer base, the on-demand apps hold the first position. Therefore, developing an on-demand app is a brilliant idea to consider. All the best!

Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker at Appdupe working for a white-label multi services app solution, Gojek clone script. She helps entrepreneurs and new business people in advertising their startups.

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