8 Proven Sales Improvement Techniques for Every Marketer

by Alexandra

In order to increase their sale every business makes a sales strategy. That will help your product in approaching customers. Also ho to define your target market. If you are having a great product but not getting the right customers to buy it. You can adopt the following sales strategies, tips, tricks to approach your target set of customers more effectively.

Identify your customer issues

Identify your customer issues
Identify your customer issues

No one is there to buy your product. They will buy your product if your product solve their problem or helping them to make their life easier. In order to provide a substitute for their solution. First you need to identify your target customer problems. This will help you to develop your product and making it easy to fit in your customers daily essential life. You can also advertise your product results on public platforms. Which can inspire a big number of people to use your product.

Develop buyer persona

Develop Buyer Persona
Develop Buyer Persona

Buyer persona is a fictional customer that you develop. By collecting actual customer data. Through this you make your work force understand how is your ideal customer. Things you define what is the ideal age group for your customer, what is demographic conditions required for your customer etc. Giving you the list of points you need to take care while developing a buyer persona are as follows:-

  • Age
  • Income group
  • Industry
  • Organisation size
  • Objectives
  • Personal & Professional qualities

Define your USP

Define Your USP
Define Your USP

Every product has its own USP. You just need to define that. While defining your USP you must do a detailed research. As your competitor will surely compare it. Also keep an eye on your competitors so you can be aware of their recent updates. As clear you define your USP and make your customers understand. Will surely going to increase your sales simultaneously.

Social media strategy ( never to forget )

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy

In this digital era where everybody is available online. Social media is a great tool to advertise or to make audience aware of your product. To create a social profile you can use hotmail.com sign in to create a mail id that is needed in every social media platform.  By connecting with customers on these platforms you can access more and more people. It is much cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns. Help you to collect more information about your customer. Also you can accurately target your ideal buyer persona without wasting it to random individuals.

Worth your price

Before launching your product you must do a research. With your competitor product compare their prices and plan your marketing accordingly. If your product is costly than your competitor get ready to over deliver the quality in your product. If your product is cheaper show your consumer your affordability with great quality. In case your product has additional features than your competitor you can also charge a bit extra and increase your margin.

Make it personal

While designing your promotional videos. You need to make it personal so that your target customer can attach themselves with your product. Create a list of touchpoints which you can easily add in your promotional videos, content marketing. By targeting and stepping in personal life of your ideal buyer persona. Can create wonders to your sale and product popularity.

Use of technology

Use Of Technology
Use Of Technology

The world is growing at very fast pace. The days are gone when people pitch their customers without going online. You can also add some latest technology so that you can make maximum of it. You can develop things like :-

  • Application – Yes you can develop a application Like Gogoanime. Which is handy to use customer can use them to check your store timing. New stock arrival , Offer invitation etc. Apps needs very less cost to develop but can provide you great benefits.
  • Chatbots – A potential buyer always expect for quick reverts. If they don’t get they can simply switch to other. Which can be your competitor. But hiring someone to answer your facebook messenger is costly can involve human error as well. Instead of this you can use online chatbots. They can answer a set of regular questions. And for more specific they will send a thanks note informing your customer that your call is escalated and will be answer by our representative as soon as possible.
  • Data collection – Several  online tools are available. Which will provide you a concise data about your website visitors, social profile followers etc. That data can be very useful in designing your marketing campaigns or developing your product further.
  • Artificial intelligence – In this developing world artificial intelligence is becoming a hard nut to crack. As all bigger corporates are using this already. Which help them to recommend product automatically by the help of AI. Human touch is still important but you can make your marketing more effective by the use of artificial intelligence. Making your sales number big and more fruitful.

Solve your sales objections

Solve Your Sales Objection
Solve Your Sales Objection

Every product has it shortcomes. Which lead to objections while selling that product. A sales objection means that you loss a number of potential customers. Try to mark and solve those objections and convert more potential customers into real customers. Here are some example of general sales objection and suggestion to solve them.


  • Expensive – In this age of high competition.There are chances when your competitors providing product at lower cost than yours. But you can counter that by giving your products plus points over other products in market. Must continue your conversation as cost can not stop you from selling your product.
  • Can we get some extra – A large number of people are looking for freebies with regular cost. It is very hard to provide a product on lowest prices with extremely good quality. You can mention your product strengths. Highlight them giving a reason to opt for your product. This will make it possible without providing anything extra as you are providing a value for money deal.
  • Not meeting our needs – A creative ad campaign or effective social media presence can sale your product. But at the end if your product doesn’t meet your customers expectation or things you promised. They will be diverted to your competitors. So be practical always see things from your clients view point. This will help you in developing your product more effective and useful. Which will create a balance between emotional and logical answers.


In this competitive era, everyone is busy with their day-to-day life and wants to earn extra. It is essential to work smartly in order to save some time for yourself. You can do this by simply using the sales improvement techniques mentioned above and gain high sales easily. If you know any other tip which you think must have a place in this list. Just leave us a comment.     

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