10 Tips to Take Professional Photos (Using Smartphone)

by Alexandra

A List of Tips to Take Professional Photos Using a Smartphone

A List of Tips to Take Professional Photos Using a Smartphone
A List of Tips to Take Professional Photos Using a Smartphone

So here's a list of tips to take professional photos using your smartphone

Tip 1. Find the Right Exposure

This work should be done by the camera automatically, but there are situations where there is room for improvement. So I directed the camera to the object you were going to photograph and click on the part where the focus and amount of light should be correct.

How to Look Good in Pictures

Tip 2. Get Closer, but Not Too Much

If you are going to take a detailed picture, get close until the smartphone finds the right focus, because if you get too close it may blur.

Tip 3. Use the Mesh

White lines that divide the look into 3 areas are advised to activate, as they help to have a more professional composition of the subject in the photograph. The symmetry and deliberate positioning of the subject in relation to those 3 parts show that you know what you are doing.

Tip 4. Use the Window Light

Not all of us have the option of a professional lighting and the lampshades of the room are not designed for our purpose, so natural light is best. Make sure the camera is in the opposite direction to the sun and use the window glass as a filter to determine how much light it needs. Read about the difference between dfu and recovery mode if you face such issue in your iPhone.

Tip 5. Sit Down

Subjects like animals or children are below us in length, so a photo from our height does not properly show their presence. Sit on your knees and approach, until you find the right angle to better represent their point of view of the world. Adapt to the perspective of your subject.

Tip 6. Use the Shadows

Light is always key in the picture. If the sun sets in the west or the street lights come on in the late hours, they usually ruin any balance. Put the hand over the lens, and get only the reflection of the light source. But be careful not to photograph your fingers.

Tip 7. Clean It

The camera of a smartphone is designed to withstand scratches as even the smallest line on that glass would ruin the whole picture. But that doesn't mean dust or steam doesn't accumulate in it, so along with sunglasses, give your smartphone camera a wipe as well.

Tip 8. Use the Space

Wide-angle lenses are standard already, so the next time you take a picture with it, try to find empty space and in one part position your subject. Although the photo will consist more of empty space, the subject will be more pronounced that way.

Tip 9. Don't Move

Even the slightest vibration is felt on camera, despite the self-stabilization of your camera. Do not move or press the soft button. If you're not on the right budget for a static, leave the phone on a stable surface or lean against a wall while holding the smartphone in your hands. If your subject is on the move, take some pictures and solve it with less blur.

Tip 10. Explore the Corners

Go from one lens to another and be open to new things. Respecting the source of light, try to move around your subject and see what new opportunities each of the perspectives presents. Explore the levels and distance with it and compose the photo by selecting the environment you will include in the frame.

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