Apps to Protect Kids

6 Best Panic & SOS Apps to Protect Kids (During Emergency)

Kid’s safety apps are the need of the hour in this perilous world where crime rates have increased at a skyrocketing speed. That’s we are here with the best apps to protect kids easily in case of any emergency.

Parents are always concerned about their children when they walk down the street or travel alone through untrusted zones. Thankfully, with the help of phone monitoring software like Panic and SOS Alert apps comes in rescue for emergency assistance. With powerful and handy applications kids smartphone becomes more proficient than just a means of chatting and texting.

Panic Button And Mobile Personal Safety Apps

Bit Guardian Parental Control:

It is an Android parental control application that enables parents to put restrictions and a watch on the child’s internet activities. 

It offers Panic and SOS alert, so you always remain in touch with your child. It sends an instant panic alert when your kid is in danger.

When the teen face unforeseen situations like abduction or other mishaps, one click of the SOS button saves their life.

Bit Guardian sends an email notification and a precise location of a kid to your device. It also sounds a loud siren to inform you about your child’s emergency.

Additionally, this child monitoring software allows parents to add Guardians as another responsible person who takes care of the kid in your absence.

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Moreover, Bit Guardian also has ‘Pick Me Alert’ to notify you about the kid’s location to pick them. Furthermore, you can share their location to anyone in an email, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc if you are unable to reach them on time.

This personal safety application offers other features too to provide a shield to your child in many ways like:

  • App Blocker: Blocks the unnecessary and unwanted apps.
  • Time Schedule: Helps to define curfew hours on different applications that the child uses.
  • GPS: Tracks teens whereabouts.
  • App Install Blocker: Prevent children from downloading new apps
  • Kiosk Mode: The most powerful function that allows parents to select the application for the child’s usage.
  • Call Blocker: Callers (known/unknown) who troubles the children are blocked here.
  • Anti-Theft: To locate the kid’s missing device
  • App Time Limit: A group of similar applications is created to set the time limit for a child’s access.


This personal safety application enables to create own security network and take care of your teens. It works on Android and iOS devices. Its features include:

  • Voice alarm activation – It buzzes an alarm in the child’s protector or guardian’s device with the kid’s exact location.
  • Live streaming – enables parents to view and hear everything that takes place on the child’s location.
  • Audio and video recording-This function is useful to stream and automatically record emergency video.
  • SOS alert – It helps children during dangerous situations. When a child presses the button or says a key phrase, it sends a notification to the parent’s phone.
  • Follow Me – This tool lets family members or friends follow your kiddos when they feel insecure (using a map).


It is an SOS software that lets adolescents send text messages to emergency contacts (parents or siblings), record audio during emergencies and share pictures with a location. Children can use all these functions by shaking the mobile or pressing the power button 4 times.

It works without internet connection and even on locked screens. No registration or rooting is required to use this application. 

Shake2Safety also offers other functionalities that comprise of:

  • Recording audio of 4 seconds in teen’s phone.
  • Locate the current place by clicking the button at the top right corner of this app
  • It is useful during road accidents, domestic violence, natural disasters, airplane crashes, etc.


It generates Panic alert during a child’s unhealthy situations. It has various tools that are useful in many ways like:

  • Active Alert – Its power button push is useful in sudden safety concerns even when the phone is locked.
  • WRU – Allows checking locations of your child at any time to permitted contact.
  • Locked Screen – This function displays the Blood group and Guardian’s contact number.
  • Geo-Fence – It defines a route fence and generates automatic alerts when the teen leaves the predefined virtual boundary. 
  • Pro-Active Alert – It has customizable day/time settings for safety check-ins. It also generates alerts when the predefined parameters are breached.
  • Smart Capture – This function captures photos ( from front and back camera), audios and enables video recording during active alerts.
  • Guardian Management – It is useful to send safety alerts through SMS, an email and in-app loud siren notification. It also sends alerts for the last location to Guardians.
  • Preferences – It allows to set various parameters as per kid’s requirements and privacy preferences.
  • Reverse Pin – This is a powerful feature that secretly alerts guardians if the wrong PIN is entered in a distressing situation. 

Presence Video Security Camera:

This kid’s safety application provides video security to children. Its various functionalities cover personal safety of your loved ones with:

  • Monitor – With live video/ audio streaming and on-demand recording, this software makes a great home security camera system through the smartphone. 

It provides a live view of your home when you are away or leaves your child alone (at home).

  • Alert- This tool sends an email, in-app or pushes notifications to your device if anything happens in your home. Its video alerts will show the recordings of the happenings. 

You will be notified when your child has arrived home safely, an intruder can be detected and much more. Here, you can also adjust motion detection sensitivity to receive only the recorded videos as per your requirement.

  • Share – This function enables you to add multiple viewers to a single camera. Watch your kids from different locations. It allows sharing the captured moments on Twitter. This personal safety app automatically posts motion detection videos and thumbnails to the Twitter account.


This Panic and SOS Alert app delivers one touch 911 dialings for ambulance, police, and fire. It identifies the child and their real-time location. It shares information with teens such as medical history, allergies, current medications, etc. that saves time during emergencies. 

Children can receive up to date safety information post this app’s subscription. With the SirenGPS location feature, the community leader will inform kids about the crisis in their vicinity and warn them about dangers and threats.

So, which mobile safety application will you choose for your kids?

Be a wise parent and pick the best parental control app that not only secures your child during emergencies but also provides digital safety. While talking about internet safety, Bit Guardian Parental Control serves the best to children and ensure their web security with excellent features. 

Download the app today!