Rent a Commercial Kitchen for Your Bakeshop Business

How to Rent a Commercial Kitchen for Your Bakeshop Business

The food business is booming, attracting a large percentage of small- and large-scale investors. However, not all investors can set up their businesses from scratch due to the high initial capital injection required. As a result, a business trend has come up where you can run your bakeshop business from a rented commercial kitchen.

This mechanism aims at giving you an ideal space to work from, equipping you with the necessary baking tools and giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. Additionally, by renting a commercial kitchen, you reduce your financial risk and maximize your earnings. Renting a commercial kitchen is not as easy as it may sound; therefore, this guide looks at how to go about the process of renting a commercial kitchen.

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How to Rent a Commercial Kitchen for Your Bakeshop Business

If you want to rent a commercial kitchen for your bakeshop business, here are a few steps you can follow:

Assess Your Needs

Before you step out to look for a commercial kitchen space to rent, you must first assess your needs. First, determine the amount of working space and the equipment you need. Second, formulate a work plan outlining the number of hours you will spend working. Work time is crucial, especially where rent is charged at an hourly rate. Third, you may also determine the counter, oven and refrigerator space that you need. Last but not least, work out your budget for the kitchen. With the answers to these factors in mind, it will be easier to look for a rental kitchen.

Find a Space

After creating a list of your needs, it is now time to step out and find the right commercial kitchen for your needs. You may find a space through recommendations. You can get recommendations by asking other bakers if they know of any available space in a shared commercial kitchen. You can also talk to bakers in your area who have kitchens but do not use them round the clock.

Additionally, you can find a commercial kitchen online by engaging online agencies such as Such an agency will help you link up with commercial kitchen spaces near you. Once you find a space, do not be afraid to take a tour of the kitchen and its surrounding. This is to ensure that the space you find is in line with your predefined needs for your business to run smoothly.

Obtain the Necessary Licensing

After getting your ideal space, it is now time to get down to business. However, before you start your operations, ensure that you get all the necessary licenses. The licensing documents vary from one state to another. However, the most common ones are food handler’s license, liability insurance and a business license. Ensure that you abide and comply with the laid down state laws regarding food business to avoid falling into the wrong hands of the law.

Negotiate the Rental Terms

The rent that you pay depends on your working space and time. Therefore, when negotiating the terms of rent, go for a flexible plan. Keep it in mind that your business may grow, requiring you to look for a bigger space and more equipment. Going for an hourly rate may work well if you focus on small scale production but may end up being expensive if your business grows and you are required to work around the clock. Therefore, it may be wise if you decide to take one step at a time rather than committing to a long term plan that you will soon outgrow.


Finding an ideal working space may give you a competitive edge over your competitors and maybe the bridge to your business’s success. Therefore, try to find a favorable business environment for your baking needs and close to your target market.