SOcial media marketing

How to do Social media marketing using email and Instagram

Did you know 66% of marketers claimed that six hours on social media marketing has boosted their social exposure? The role of social media for advertising and web traffic is inevitable. Social media helps you drive a targeted audience, improves your site’s SEO and it works great in terms of effective customer service. If you want to explore the possible ways of how you can use email and Instagram marketing to foster business growth. Then stay adhered, we are going to unleash some best ways of how to integrate social media strategies with email marketing along with top hacks to get free Instagram followers for Instagram marketing.

How to integrate social media with email marketing

Email marketing and social media have a close association. If you are more into lead nurturing or customer acquisition then email marketing can do wonders. But if you integrate social media marketing to email marketing, you actually can reinvent a plethora of marketing opportunities that ultimately take your business to new heights. Here are some excellent advantages of email and social media marketing integration.

  • Improve the marketing metrics
  • Social media can help to grow your email subscription list.
  • You can identify some greatest influencers.
  • Amplify the reach of your message
  • Retargeting your active subscribers through social media ads

Presently, you can’t rely on a single marketing platform. You have to utilize maximum platforms to reach a wider set of audience. if you simply rely on email marketing, then chances are most of your subscribers are on social media and pay no heed to their emails. You should be on social network and encourage the followers to subscribe email list also incorporate a retweet tag in each of your emails, add live social media feed on your email to attract wider ser of audience.

Killing Instagram marketing hacks

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has a huge potential to drive targeted followers. However, you have to share the relevant content for the targeted audience and to keep bringing in new followers. Follow these steps to get maximum out of this powerful tool.

Switch to business Instagram account

Firstly, you have to switch your profile to a business account. To do this, head to the setting section and switch to a business profile.

Post appealing teasers that urge people to buy

Instagram is an excellent product to advertise products. Product teasers are great in terms of increasing excitement without being pushy.

Create sponsored ads

Instagram sponsored ads are great and you can also control the spending by tapping into the ad budget. This will help you to attract the audience in a whole new way.

Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are not new to the Instagram world. Businesses heavily rely on them to keep their customers abreast about discounts, product arrival and more. You can also tag other people to your stories or use some stickers to make it more appealing.

You can buy Instagram followers from a reputed social media service provider that also promises to help you with some foolproof strategies to make your Insta-game a cut above the rest.

Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers to expand the reach of the product is an excellent way. However, make sure influencers you are planning to work with have the relevancy to your niche, have a higher reach and is capable enough to drive more engagement or interaction for each post.

Use branded and interactive hashtags

Hashtags can create whole new magic for your Insta game. You should be wise while using any hashtag. Make sure to choose relevant and different hashtags for each post. The same or obvious hashtags often make your content look spammy.

Post at the peak time and don’t over-post

Peak time is when most of your followers are online and more likely to engage. Over-posting or irrelevant posting can branch you off from your existing following.