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How to Appear First on a Google Search Results

Google is a very powerful tool that is very popular around the world. Being able to appear on the first page of a Google result will increase your business exposure and bring more potential customers to your store. Many potential clients utilize search engines such as Google to look for a store or business depending on their needs. Most people prefer to engage in business with a company he or she has already learned more about or had contact with. Google’s first page can capture a lot of traffic and appearing in one will greatly increase the traffic of your website, which of course, increases your monthly revenue.

Utilizing an Atlanta SEO expert such as Web Chimpy is an excellent idea because you can have your website’s popularity increased. There are a few areas you need to work on your website to ensure Google picks yours as one of their top results. Below you can read more about what areas to work on to improve your SEO results.

Employ the use of Keywords:

Using keywords is a fantastic way to ensure Google will pick you from the rest. First, you need to determine which are the keywords for the article you are about to upload. The keywords you select need to be researched properly because when potential clients look for these keywords Google will proceed to select a website that has used those keywords in their pages.

The top-ranked websites that appear on Google have a higher click rate than the rest and can have its click rate increased to 36% on the first result, 12% on the second and up to 9% on the third. Using keywords can increase the chances of appearing on top, and to make it easier Google can index your website into their database, which can make it easier to pick you up. First, you need to create an article that follows all the areas they request, such as title, meta description, URL and Alternate Tags.

Write popular content that people can enjoy:

Google is able to detect keywords even on a group of text, so it is not necessary to simply add them to your website’s body to make it visible to the search engine. Writing popular content is highly recommended because it ensures your website traffic will increase even further. Popular content is searched more often online than content out of date, so properly researching what content and keywords to use is essential to a good SEO campaign.

Researching what popular content to write about depends on your company’s model. You need to research what products or services are more popular in the area, and which are the most bought from your competition. Properly researching before employing an SEO campaign is crucial to increase its results, so it is highly recommended you always consider what is popular or on-demand in your area.

Optimize your website and content for mobile devices:

The era of mobile devices is upon us, and nowadays there are many more people on their phones than their computers. It is necessary for a good SEO campaign to prioritize optimizing your website into a mobile format. Aside from providing a mobile website to your clientele, you can also optimize your website in general. Providing an easy to navigate, quick and effective website for both mobile and computers is an excellent way to enhance your traffic. A well-made website will surely have a higher chance of being selected by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Etc.

Use Google My Business Listing:

Adding your company to Google My Business Listing is another great way to enhance your online popularity. Having your company appear in a powerful online directory can provide your clients with your company’s information and improve your maximum visibility. Be sure you complete your whole profile while in Google My Business Listing because the more information you add the more search results Google can use to pick your business.

When using Google My Business Listing you need to keep your name consistent, have your information updated often, obtain Google Reviews, add photos of your business and services and complete every part of your profile. This will ensure your business will have a higher rate of being picked from other options when a search is done, which will make your company more popular and easier to be picked by people looking for the services and products you offer. Using Google My Business Listing is an excellent way to enhance your website traffic and business’s popularity.